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  1. We've been working over the past few weeks to speed up the running of the forum. This has involved: - Moving the forum to a new cluster with an improved network file system (Lustre / AoE instead of NFS) - Moving the database session table to the HEAP (memory) type. - Moving members and some other tables to InnoDB - Adding 5 minute expires headers to all Javascript, CSS and images. - Statically caching forum pages for anonymous users (people who aren't logged in). We are interested to see if all this work has paid off. Please vote in the poll to let us know if the forum feels faster for you!
  2. A few more points.... Safari Padding Issues Also, there are still some issues with spacing of the topic / forum names in Safari. Safari: Firefox: Firefox looks a lot better. Alignment of Page numbers & Add Reply / New Topic Buttons The page numbers and add reply / new topic buttons should be aligned to the middle of the space they occupy, and I also think they should be have some padding from the outer edge, so that they line up horizontally with the blue boxes above / below
  3. There seems to be a problem with the user info boxes next to each post now. They are varying in width for me:
  4. - The forum link in the top menu needs a trailing slash in the url! e.g. /forum/ not /forum
  5. Another issue: The hardware DB doesn't seem to work with Javascript turned off - which is very un-friendly for search engines.
  6. Here's some bugs I've noticed: - Font is too small on the forum / topic listings. - There's additional spacing in Safari around the topic names. - There seems to be an additional space at the beginning of every post. - When you are in full screen mode, the site seems to re-stretch every time the page loads. - The EDIT button doesn't work on your existing posts. MAJOR PROBLEM! - In-post ads should only show for guests, logged-in members shouldn't get them. - I would personally prefer the blog comments to be oldest at the top / newest at the bottom (in line with the way the forum works)
  7. We redesigned the fubra.com site recently, and it's now listed here:http://www.fubra.com/opportunities.html Although you will notice it looks different That's a screenshot of the new version design we have been working on! Paul Fubra Ltd
  8. Tweaking..

    The DNS has been switched now, so some people should be accessing via the web cluster... the rest will be moved over as your ISPs update their cached DNS records (normally within 1 hour)
  9. Post-Hack oddities

    Invision just upgraded the forum to the very latest 2.3.x version, but it seems to have broken the front page.... please bear with us while we get it fixed!
  10. That's a pleasant side effect of the move. Glad it's working for you now!
  11. Post-Hack oddities

    I've just subscribed us to the Invision mailing list. Hopefully this will alert us of any urgent updates so that we can upgrade straight away. We've learnt our lesson the hard way!
  12. Post-Hack oddities

    Woohooo images and avatars! The upload url wasn't set in the forum admin.
  13. Post-Hack oddities

    It seems to be a problem with the forum missing the /uploads/ folder from the links. For example, mac-mini's avatar is here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/uploads/av-47178.png But the forum is linking to it as img src=/av-47178.png
  14. Post-Hack oddities

    Testing an upload! Another test attachment: X_Lite_Install.tar.gz I think the attachments are working now, can someone else try a test for me?
  15. InsanelyHacked!

    In the process of migrating the site we've also upgraded the hardware a little. Now the site is running on 2 machines, a web server and a dedicated database server, so I'd be interested to hear if you guys find the site any faster? We've also moved it geographically from The Planet hosting in the US to our data centre in the UK.