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  1. i have the files that are on your post now i have to figure out how to deal with them. the clover file u have you say install clover first then replace with this one that you have. how am i to do that when i dont have clover in the first place also i need to be able to install the kexts as well but unless i am able to do this stuff i may end up with a system that wont work at all and be back to square one making a new usb installer and such and reinstalling the os and booting from the usb to get the hard drive to work
  2. i have ended up getting high sierra installed on my intel DQ670w board. i used a premade high sierra/clover dmg i extracted to a usb flash drive. right now the audio, networking arnt working and the video card i have in the machine an nvidia geforce 1050 gtx ti it works but has very very very choppy/jittery video. i did find some kext files for the network and audio but when i put them in the extensions folder they didnt do anything to add audio or networking. also i have to get the machine to boot from the hard drive rather then having to boot the usb flash drive to get the hard drive to boot and i have to work on the video card stuff as well. i am not to good at this stuff cause usually when i have tried stuff i end up breaking stuff or that stuff doesnt work. i am not all that code or certain tech savy. i am not the brightest. i like things laid out where its all like this is the files and where you get them from this is how u work with them kind of thing. it does agravate me when people just wont lay out stuff as like a dummy book does and makes everything easy. i tried on facebook groups and got as far as to be told what kexts to find but never told where to find them. i did try to look on my own and i did find a few kexts but they where ones that needed alterations to the os to even make them usable. the video kext or driver i was told to install it and do something like change something to true. all i need are the kext files and to make the machine boot from the hard drive rather then complaining it doesnt have an os on the drive or having to use the usb flash drive to make it boot and the video files and to know how to deal with the files and make them work without having to start over with everything and reinstalling stuff
  3. hello all. i don't know if this belongs here but i will ask i happen to have installed el capitan on my intel dh55tc motherboard with clover but i have a very slight few issues. first off the install went great but i have an issue getting the hard drive to boot without having to use the clover usb stick i made. second the on board audio isn't showing up in the computer at all and 3rd i have a wake from sleep issue where the computer is stuck in sleep unless i restart or tell the machine to never sleep at all no matter what. if anyone might know what i am to do let me know
  4. rxm888

    installing on a gigabyte f2a68hm-ds2h amd 860k

    i wondered how to go bout doing it since its a newer board and chipset and no one has really done it on this board
  5. hello all i happen to have an amd athlon x4 860k and a gigabyte ga-f2a68hm-ds2h. i am wondering how i would be able to install on this board. the board has hd audio, gigabit ethernet, usb 3 and it does have a ps/2 port and i am also running a geforce 9600gt. i would like to know what i would need to check off when customizing the install to make it work.
  6. i happen to have an intel s5000xvn board and i have read around that installing on this board has issues with sound and such. i have seen someone on youtube hackintosh the board but when i contacted him i got no response back at all. the board has the 5000x chipset and it has Intel 82563EB dual gigabit ports it also has a Realtek ALC260 hd audio chip. also i am running an nvidia 8600gt on it and i have 3 hard drives 2 sata and one ide. also there is 16gb of fully buffered ecc ddr2 ram and 2 quad core xeon e5430 processors. what am i to do to make this install work. what would i sellect at time of install
  7. i happen to have an older intel s5000xvn board with 2 quad core e5430 processors, 16gb of ram, 256mb geforce 8600gt and a 250gb hd, 120gb hd and a 320gb hd. i have seen someone on youtube hackintosh this board but when i went to contact him i got no responce from him. i have thought of hackintoshing this board but i have been seeing that so many that hackintoshed this board have to do tons of mods or kext adding to make the board work with osx. is there a good iso file and what am i to use to get this board hackintoshed
  8. i happen to have a dell optiplex 360 and want to run snow leopard on it. i happen to have iatkos and i wonder what kexts and drivers and other things i would need to sellect in the customization section so i am able to install the os correctly. i have looked around online and found no one even using snow leopard with the optiplex 360 only leopard. if anyone knows anything that would be appreciated. the dell has 1gb of ram, 256mb geforce 9300 ge, 160gb hd.
  9. when i updated to 10.6.7 or 10.6.8 i get programs that won't open but rather i get the unexpectedly quit message and thats on itunes, msn messneger, yahoo messenger, even skype. i dont know how many other programs are like this. when i update safari to the lastest version i get issues with that as well where when i try to view some websites or pages i get the page doing an automatic reload several times then i get an error stating this page cant be viewed or whatever it is. what is causing these things to happen and what can i do. without a fix my computer is crippled at this time. the only thing i can do is run safari 5.0.4 under 10.6.7 also when i updated to 10.6.8 and the latest safari flash player wont show any video but only allows the audio to work. the video is blank but u get working audio. what am i to do?
  10. rxm888

    realtek rt8110 drivers/kext

    i have tried the realtek drivers and still i get the 169 number that tells me it doesnt have net or that the network is down under auto. also the gateway isnt what its suppose to be under automatic. it gives me instead of also it doesnt even give me a router ip address under auto. when i open safari no matter if i give the computer auto or manual ip settings it says you are not connected to the internet. one person said it may be a dsdt error or something causing it to happen. idk for sure what it is. the board i have is a gigabyte ga-ma69vm-s2 if that helps any.
  11. i have an issue with the networking on the board. i have installed the respective kext i found and all i get is the networking prefferences saying self assigned ip and it gives out a 169 number that means the internet is down or there is something wrong with the net. i have even tried the lizard program and that didnt do anything either it kept the net just as it was. if i manually set up eveything in the nework preferences it says its connected and everything but it isnt. when i go to safari with auto or manual settings it will always say i am not connected to the internet. what am i to do to make the networking on the board work. its a Realtek RTL8110 chipset. the networking is the major thing thats stopping me from using the computer at all cause i cant do updates or use messengers or anything of the sort. if anyone knows anything let me know
  12. rxm888

    snow leopard on an amd

    well the thing is that the only way i can get the os to boot from the hd is if i tell it to boot through the nawcom's usb boot menu otherwise it boots to a windows boot error. also with the networking it sees that there is a cable thats connected and it sees that there is a router but it gives me the router no internet connection ip address of 169.whatever. when i try to tell it what the routers ip is it still doesnt work but says its connected. also the audio doesnt fully work since its not seeing all the ports as usable. the only outputs it has is the front headphone jack the hdmi and spidif. the inputs are rear mic, front mic, and spidif and hdmi i think it was. so right now the only things i can do is use the programs that come preinstalled with snow leopard but not the internet. is there a way i can make this work since the boot kernal doesnt have the mac kernal but yet a windows boot loader. also getting the drivers setup.
  13. rxm888

    snow leopard on an amd

    i have the os installed and all that now i have to figure out how to get the kernal installed and working and how to get the components to work since i have the main os working and i had to have the usb installer boot the hd. once i booted to the hd and into the os i dont see a mac hd icon only the icon for the usb drive. also the network doesnt even work first off if i try to use the network or eithernet with auto dhcp it gives me a 169 number meaning that it doesnt have a working network connection. what would i do to install the kernal on the os and install the drivers. also how would i make it so that the windows boot kernal stops complaining when booted without the installer helper
  14. rxm888

    snow leopard on an amd

    now do i just drag and drop the files on the usb stick where i have the snow leopard installer or do i have to place it in one of the folders included on the installer. also do i have to include all the drivers and such with the installer or which would i have to do. do drivers install as if they were on a mac or which
  15. rxm888

    snow leopard on an amd

    i found a site or was pointed to a site that has the files i need to make the usb flash drive but i am not sure which files to use or where to even place the files once they are downloaded. http://nawcom.com/osx86/files/ thats the site i was given and it has all the files needed but never was told what to do with the files if i just drag and drop them to the flash drive or that i have special places i need to put them or what. the chipset on the board is an ati 690v chipset with realtek audio and networking also the video card is an ati radeon 3600 hd. i would like to be able to know where the files are to go just to make everything work right and so i dont screw anything up and have things not right or not work at all