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  1. Mobo in panne..

    Come da firma ho il seguente hardware: GA-Z77-DS3H . XFX Radeon HD 6870 . Tp-Link TL-WDN4800 N900 . Cooler Master Silent Pro M2 620W . I7 - 3770 . SSD Samsung 840 250Gb . G-SKILL Memoria PC ARES 2 x 4 GB DDR3-1600 - PC3-12800 - CL9 . LG GH24NS95 Monitor Apple 27 A seguito di un secondo flash del bios andato male mi trovo con il pc in loop, in realtà il computer si è avviato dopo il flash e l'ho usato.. ma poi al successivo riavvio si è presentato il problema. Sarebbe anche dual bios ma non parte il ripristino.. si riavvia appena appare la scritta del secondo bios. Ora, ho trovato una Gigabyte come la mia usata a 170 € spedita in Germania. Poi avrei un'amico che di mestiere lavora sulla programmazione di queste memorie non volatili e si è proposto di tentare un recupero dissaldandola. Vi scrivo perchè so che qui ci sono delle persone competenti, è qui che ho avuto consigli sulla configurazione nel 2013, e vorrei valutare una mobo nuova. Ce n'è una che mi permetta di recuperare tutto il resto del mio hardware? Ciao
  2. aggiornamento alla 10.10.3

    Ho risolto aprendo direttamente la libreria di iPhoto e/o Aperture
  3. aggiornamento alla 10.10.3

    Fatto. Ma resta il problema.. A voi funziona tutto?
  4. aggiornamento alla 10.10.3

    Ho fatto l'aggiornamento tramite App Store. A me non parte la nuova app Foto. Nella schermata di benvenuto quando premo "Inizia" mi appare "Si è verificato un errore, chiudi e riapri l'applicazione". Ma non cambia nulla. Provo col combo.
  5. Lenovo Z510 Brightness not work

    Hi, I put back the kext ACPIbacklight in the Extras folder and now I have the whole range of brightness functioning as the original Macintosh!
  6. Lenovo Z510 Brightness not work

    On the level of brightness apply, for now, a filter: does not reduce battery consumption but my eyes thanks me! Not work either way. Thank you so much for helping me. For now I do not sleep mode, and waiting for a future solution.
  7. Lenovo Z510 Brightness not work

    Last login: Sun Mar 29 21:26:50 on ttys000 MacBook-Pro:~ plain$ syslog |grep -i "Wake reason" MacBook-Pro:~ plain$
  8. Lenovo Z510 Brightness not work

    With the latest DSDT does not lock the computer when I put it to sleep. Only the monitor turns off, and little else .. not really enter into sleep mode (I can hear the fan turn on) I waited longer, in fact if I wait longer than 30 seconds freezes the computer. However, sleep mode interests me relatively. When I am far from Lenovo usually turn it off. But there remains the problem of the high brightness Possible that nobody has found a solution?
  9. Lenovo Z510 Brightness not work

    MacBook-Pro:~ plain$ pmset -g assertions 2015-03-29 20:50:59 -0700 Assertion status system-wide: BackgroundTask 0 ApplePushServiceTask 0 UserIsActive 0 PreventUserIdleDisplaySleep 0 PreventSystemSleep 0 ExternalMedia 0 PreventUserIdleSystemSleep 0 NetworkClientActive 0 Kernel Assertions: 0x4=USB id=500 level=255 0x4=USB mod=29/03/15 20:51 description=EHC1 owner=AppleUSBEHCI id=501 level=255 0x4=USB mod=29/03/15 20:51 description=EHC2 owner=AppleUSBEHCI id=502 level=255 0x4=USB mod=29/03/15 20:52 description=XHC owner=GenericUSBXHCI MacBook-Pro:~ plain$
  10. Lenovo Z510 Brightness not work

    I changed the setting of the graphics card Discrete UMA. This should prevent the switch, I do not know if he is completely disabled. In the System Information does not appear. I installed dsdt_warnings_removed.aml.zip but does not solve the sleep. Also back old problems .. not charge properly the video card (only 7 MB of memory) and the graphic artifacts (bad horizontal lines). I reinstalled the DSDT that I've built previously.
  11. Lenovo Z510 Brightness not work

    You must have had a fun night .. The Nvidia Graphics 740M are been disable from BIOS. Attached my 4 SSDT extracted with Kubuntu. mySSDTs.zip
  12. Lenovo Z510 Brightness not work

    Bother you again because I have other problems. - The computer does not go to sleep properly. Turning off the monitor but remains partially activated .. not flash the LED status. Remains blocked, I have to force a shutdown. - Now works adjusting brightness, but putting it to a minimum just before the total obscuration of the monitor, is about 40%. In addition to the battery consumption, my eyes are affected in the dark .. - The battery life is not like Windows or Linux. The fan never switches off during the only web browsing (which it does with other OS).
  13. Lenovo Z510 Brightness not work

    Ok, now I am a donator..
  14. Lenovo Z510 Brightness not work

    Gladly .. but I do not understand how to donate to this site. Do you have a link? One last thing .. I can update the system via the App Store?
  15. Lenovo Z510 Brightness not work

    Yes, I had changed in 0x12 and 0x16 started the patcher. This time I used the .sh file and restarted without cache and ... it works! No more graphic artifacts !! I would like to buy you a beer for the good work .. how can I make a donation?