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  1. CPU Detection

    ok thx dude i think i got it working lol
  2. CPU Detection

    Hi Guys im new to this hackintosh game i was wondering can i get my lion 10.7 to detect the correct cpu as it picks it up as core solo an i have a core 2 duo e6300? thx
  3. im sori i should have read the rules more closely
  4. ive tried to install mountain lion GM on my pc used ###### 1.5.0 will no look ive tried -v -f -x graphics enabler no & yes still no luck. i have lion installed no problems so can understand whats wrong ive took a picture to see if you cleaver people can help thanks
  5. are you using a usb mouse and keyboard ot ps2? as i found my ps2 not to work!
  6. hey guys i need abit of help i want to get in to hackintosh an i need to know if the following system has what i need or not an what version of OSX i can run My specs are FOXCONN G9657MA-8KS2H motherboard E6300 Core 2 Duo @1.86 4gb DDR2 6400 300gb Sata 2 500gb sata 2 IDE DVDRW XFX 8800 GTS 640mb Thx
  7. Introduce yourself

    hey guys Im new here an a total hackintosh noob just here to check out the site an hopefully learn how to install Mac OSX on my pc