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  1. Intel Audio Drivers

    OK, Im pretty sure you and I have the same audio chipset. Can you see the volume icon near the clock? If not go here and follow the instrucions carefully. You're are going to be using the IntelICH kext not the other one. do everything exactly in the terminal as the wiki tells you to and you should be fine. Once the kext is loaded and you reboot (p.s. this isn't in the instructions) go into Audio/Midi under utilities and select the properties for the second AC97 in the dropdown list. next to format in the bottom right set channels as 6ch and go to configure speakers, change left to 3 and right to channel 6. You should now have sound. Let me know if this works/doesn't work.
  2. Hey guys, Running JAS 10.4.8 Dell Dimension 3000 GeForce FX 5500 works fine Lan Fixed with patch The real problem is the audio. I can adjust volume and all OS X sound effects work. When I have audio, quality is good. I get audio through OS X in itunes and quicktime and the DVD player but in all of the other applications audio is dodgy or mostly nonexistent. example: in skype I go to call but I only hear the ring tone and then the audio cuts out. My microphone registers in system preferences and when I skype someone, they can hear me fine. On a side note, to get the audio working I had to change the audio to either 4ch or 6ch and make left speaker 3 and right 4 or left 3 and right 6 respectively. Also, in audacity I can record audio but if I try to play it back in audacity I can't hear anything. If I export the file as .wav and play it in itunes, it works great. Any help would be greatly appreciated. PLEASE HELP! I want to be able to use other programs!!!!