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  1. Hi, I have successfully followed the procedure here, but I have a few observations that might help. 1) In the post, you mention "distil", when I believe it should be "diskutil". Damn, it could be autocorrect, it just did it to me now!! 2) Applying 10.7.3 did stop my mini from booting. I got sweaty as I would just get the Forbidden sign (??), the circle with a bar through it. Eventually I went into Single User mode and I saw the message about unsupported platform. Booting in again with my 10.6 CD and removing the PlatformSupport.plist did the trick fortunately. I would be great if we could lock that file somehow. 3) The last point about making the Recovery partition work doesn't match my experience. I get a "com.apple.recovery.boot" folder first. But then again I have never tried my Recovery partition and it does look suspiciously thin on files. Could it be that 10.7.3 has changed the structure? Can anybody confirm? Thanks!