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    HP DV6-7014nr DSDT help

    Tell me if you need more info to help me!
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    HP DV6-7014nr DSDT help

    Hello all, I have an HP DV6-7014nr (details in signature). I'm still trying to install OS X Mountain Lion from a USB stick. I'm having problems with the DSDT I tried to patch with MaLd0n's auto patcher for my system. When I try to boot up into the installer, I get a "Still waiting for root device" error unless I use "USBBusFix=Yes." Even then, the USB stick will only boot into the installer if I use the 1 USB 2 port, the other 3 USB 3 ports on my computer give the root device error. So, when I finally got into the installer, it can't see my hard drive. Maybe this is a BIOS problem??? I'm not sure. I wanted to try something, so I installed OS X to a 16GB flash drive. That won't boot, no matter which USB port I use, I get the root device error and something like "unable to take control from BIOS." When I patched with MaLd0n's auto patcher, iasl recompiled my DSDT with 5 errors. I'm uploading my original DSDT.aml and DSDT.dsl that I extracted from linux. Thank you for any help!! DSDT-hp_dv6_7014nr.zip
  3. Thanks for the help! And yes, the hardware should be pretty compatible with a higher end Macbook pro I found a USB hub and the mouse and keyboard worked! The installer couldn't detect my disks though Maybe it is a DSDT problem or a BIOS problem? Maybe I need more boot flags? I extracted my DSDT from linux and tried to use the auto patcher, but iasl recompiled it with a few errors in both Arch Linux and Ubuntu. I don't know that much about DSDTs, maybe someone can patch mine? Thanks for the response, I am making progress!
  4. Could anyone help me with a USB problem? I succesfully made a bootable USB with Mountain Lion on it. I found that I could only boot from the one USB 2.0 port on my DV6 (the other three are USB 3.0). The problem is that when I get to the installer, my USB mouse/keyboard doesn't work and I'm thinking maybe its because its plugged into USB 3.0. Is there a kext or something I need to get this working? Thanks for any help! My hardware is in my signature.
  5. Okay, so I was able to boot off of the USB using "-v cpus=1 USBBusFix=Yes", but I can't move the mouse or use the keyboard (and yes, I am using an external USB keyboard). I think part of my problem is that I could only boot off the USB using my one USB 2 port, the rest are USB 3. Otherwise I would get "Still waiting for root device". Is there a kext I need in the USB for USB 3 to work? I'm thinking that maybe the USB keyboard won't work because it's in a USB 3 port and I only have 1 USB 2 on my DV6. Thanks for any help in advance!
  6. Hello! I bought an HP DV6 7014nr (details in signature). It has an Ivy Bridge i7. I've been trying to install OS X for a while now using the Mammoth Method guides, and I haven't even gotten it to boot yet. Could someone point me in the right direction, in terms of the current guide for ML (I know it supports Ivy Bridge natively)? Should I be using the MM guides at all? I can give more details if you need them to help me, I'd really appreciate it! Thank you!