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  1. Im not too sure about iAtkos, as i use iDeneb all of the time, but when you install, if included, did you install the Intel ICHx drivers/kexts? If not that may just fix your problem.
  2. Alright I figured it out just installed some tweaked sb700 kexts, working perfectly now!
  3. I installed iDeneb on my gaming rig just for fun. Specs are as follows: AMD Athlon x2 7750 BE - Working recognized as core 2, lawl 4Gb OCZ SLi ready DDR2 - Working full speed nVidia GeForce 9600 GSO 768Mb PCIe - Working 100% NVinject ECS GF8200A Black ed. Mobo - Not quite IDT HDA - Working 100% But the only problem i have is the not quite on the mobo. I installed fine, recognized all of my PATA devices, then after booting into my install, i have no cd rom and one of my storage drives is missing, both parallel ata. There is no ATA device listed in sys profiler, i installed nessacary kexts i thought, but i guess not. any help? any suggestions? I remember ideneb 1.4 discouraged me from this because it would only recognize my PATA drives...
  4. Well, I ordered a few new parts to bring my rig up to speed, its been a little over a year since my last upgrade, so i needed it, mainly to go PCIe 2.0 status lol Anyway heres my new specs: ECS GF8200A GeForce 8200A Mobo XFX GeForce 9600 GSO 768MB OCZ SLI 4096MB PC6400 DDR2 800MHz AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+ (reuse from old build) 2.0GHz@2.5GHz Im worried about the motherboard, ive never had issues with them before, the K8M800 I was running before worked perfectly, audio, lan, sleep, shutdown, everything. So should i even attempt mac on this Mobo? Here are the complete specs on the mobo: Form Factor: ATX Processor Interface: Socket AM2 / AM2+ Processors Supported: AMD Athlon 64 AMD Sempron AMD Athlon 64 X2 AMD Phenom (AM2+) Additional Technologies: Vista Certified, HyperTransport 3.0 Technology, Hybrid SLI Support Front Side Bus: 2600MHz (5200 MT/s - AM2+ CPUs) Northbridge: NVIDIA GeForce 8200 Number of Slots: 4 Number of Pins: 240-Pin Maximum Memory Supported: 4GB - 32bit 32GB - 64bit Memory Supported: 400MHz DDR2 533MHz DDR2 Dual Channel Supported 667MHz DDR2 800MHz DDR2 1066MHz DDR2 Channels: 8 Channels Audio Chipset: IDT 92HD202 Video Chipset: Integrated VGA Engine in Chipset Video Memory: 512MB Share Memory Rending Ability: DirectX 10 Graphics Supported Devices: 2 Hard Drive Types: UDMA/133 UDMA/100 UDMA/66 USB Version: 2.0 USB Data Transfer Rates: 480Mbps LAN Type: 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit Port Type: RJ-45 PCI Slots: 3 PCI Express X1 Slots: 2 PCI Express X16 Slots: 1 - (PCIe 2.0) PS/2 Keyboard Connectors: 1 PS/2 Mouse Connectors: 1 USB Ports: 12 USB Onboard Headers: 3 - (expandable to 6 USB ports) USB Rear Panel Ports: 6 LAN Ports: 1 Audio Out Jacks: 2 Line In Jacks: 1 Microphone Jacks: 1 Center Audio Jacks: 1 Subwoofer Audio Out Jacks: 1 IDE Headers: 1 FDD Headers: 1 Serial ATA Headers: 5 1 - External ATX Power Connectors: 1 24-Pin Connector PC Power Connectors: 1 - 4 Pin Fan Connectors: 1 x Power 1 x CPU 2 x Optional VGA Ports: 1 HDMI Ports: 1 Length: 12.000 in. (30.48 cm) Width: 8.661 in. (22.0 cm)
  5. alright, tried that (10.5.5 Framebuffer), same thing except with mouse artifacts now... so i reverted back... thanks for the suggestion. Nice setup BTW Thats what im going for my next build :-P
  6. I got my GMA900 Working on my desktop without a hitch, well sort of... I have this wierd thing with video, i dont know how to explain it... i have pictures :-P In iMovie 08, note the preview window, Front Row does the same thing when watching a movie trailer, but my downloaded things play just fine... I dont have any problems with quicktime or VLC... Does anyone have a clue what it could be? I havent installed any Quicktime updates yet could that be it? ^ After quicktime update, fullscreen iMovie preview, no luck... any suggestions?
  7. well being able to use Leopard would be useful before installing the graphics... i just added that as a side note :-P if another chipset driver is available on ideneb DVD then try it and see if it works, it took me a few installs to get it right when i made the switch to Leo from Tiger. Or you could try replacing IOATAFamily.kext with MacDrive, i had to do the same on my notebook because i had the same problem and it worked...
  8. N!CK

    Horay! iDeneb 10.5.4 install works

    Grab a 2600XT/Pro It should work, thats what im going to do then i'll be working 100% on my AMD box.
  9. did you install the included chipset driver? if not this would cause the problem. after you do that your going to have a graphics issue, no acceleration... heres the solution http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...10176&st=20 hope this all works out for you, let us know what happens.
  10. Solved the issue, it was as simple as installing the included VIA-SB Driver >.>
  11. Alrighty, i got my latest hackintosh done, and pretty much working... everything except my video card which was expected. I installed with iDeneb 10.5.4 when i installed i chose the software update under additional applications or w/e its called. it mentions something about downloading patched updates or something. i dont remember thats why im asking. is it safe for me to download the 10.5.5 update from this update tool? this tool shows the same updates as the apple updater but i think it said something about being prepatched... can anyone give me a little insight on using this thing?
  12. I installed iDeneb on two systems, AMD and Intel trying all kernels at least once. After install i go to boot into the new installation and it gives me still waiting for root device, i remember this problem from back when i was installing 10.4.7 along time ago, i didnt install on sata drives im using IDE dvdrw and hdd on the primary channel... it installed fine, it just gives me the error when i boot the new install. ive dissconnected all the other drives to just the hard drive and the same thing, the hdd is jumped to master and the dvd jumped to slave. anyone have any clue as to whats going on with these machines? is this posted somewhere already and i missed it? anyway thanks for any help.
  13. i was afraid of that... could i grab it off of a machine running leo, like at say an apple section at best buy? i would say my system but, thats why i need the disk, i cant access anything on mine... i was hoping to get it done today but it looks as though tropical storm Fay disagrees, no trips to the Apple store for me. This is a long shot, but do you think anyone can upload it somewhere from there install disk and then provide me with a link via PM or email? Or as a last hope, will the Vanilla Kernel from my Kalyway work?
  14. Well, as the title explains the Mach_Kernel on my install dvd of 10.5 somehow ended up corrupted probably during burning of my backup. I took my cd case with me on vacation and "misplaced" it... So needing a fresh install of Leo i whipped out my backup just to discover it wont work... everything else on the disk is intact but i dont see mach_kernel, i pop in my 10.3 and 10.4 and mach_kernel is there... how can i get the mach_kernel and add it to the image and reburn? will i have to purchase leo again, i hope not, maybe this is getting even for all of my OSx86 adventures with that leo disk lol can i pull the Mach_kernel from my 10.4 disk so i can boot to the install?
  15. i'd be interested in a better version of this bios too ;-) i can deal with the fans for now, and i only use wireless net anyway. but a 100% bios would be great! if only i knew how to mess with the bios file to see if i could get the temps and stuff right... i also flashed to this for ubuntu, i hate the crapped out acpi on this board.