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  1. installESD.dmg for DP3 available ?

    yeah. I know that... thanks Anyways for the clear up is an All-Inclusive installESD.dmg expected anytime soon ???
  2. just wanted to check if you can get an installESD.dmg for DP3 direct or you have to get the DP1 installed and then update it to DP3 ? thx
  3. 10.8.3 iS OuT ..

    I will rather be awaiting an installESD.dmg as I have Ati-HD7950, so that it works natively(I presume).
  4. this means future support for 79xx cards is immitent !! right ? waiting patiently for my saphhire 7950 to work with 10.8.3 (final)
  5. G41M-ES2LosX MAC BIOS

    does this article also apply to the new G41MT-ES2L (Rev 1.0) F4 its the same motherboard in DDR3 Avatar... I'm successfully using iDeneb 10.5.8 lite working flawlessely on it... wanna try Snow Leopard on it...
  6. Hi All..... I'm fairly new to snowleopard installs, I have got Retail DVD of 10.6.0.. and also downloaded combo update 10.6.4 I searched using different keywords but didn't find anything so posting it here... I was just wondering, if I can SLIPSTREAM the update pack into retail 10.6 so that when I install from this updated DVD, its 10.6.4 already out of the box. I need to maintain many MAC laptops as well as desktops & most frequently when we need to upgrade hard drives or deal with system re-installs, this shall save much time. also I think I can use this properly for some core i5 hackintosh builds as this update gives support for core i5, i7 Processors. Kindly enlighten......as per a novice... Regards.....
  7. Hi guyz, On 2 seperate hard drives I have 500GB: XP(1st partition) & Windows 7 beta build 7000 (2nd Partition) 80GB: iDeneb 1.4 (OS X 10.5.6) GUID All working fine, but since I wanna save the hassle of switching hard drives boot priority each time, I want win7 bootloader to load OS X too! but I keep getting boot 1 error using boot0.gpt method which I have earlier successfully done with Kalyway 10.5.2 & XP but somehow it has stopped working now. I can't get darwin prompt from Win7/vista bootloader or XP bootloader. Any pointers here ??
  8. which Retail Leopard rel. to get?

    will it be update able just like any genuine OS X that comes presinstalled with the hardware?
  9. Hi all.. I’m not much of a mac user, the only MAC I’ve actually used till now is my hackintosh alone. My elder brother in UK has gifted me his old 13” white macbook & the problem is that its somehow crashed & he doesn’t even have any DVD’s of OS, neither did he care to arrange since he bought the new 15” aluminium MBP. I don’t want to buy leopard at the moment, so I wanted to ask which RETAIL leopard release shall I download so that I can install OS onto it. All that I had downloaded till now are hackintosh versions only, but since this is a real MAC hardware I guess I do not want these re-worked releases. Please suggest which RETAIL leopard release to get. Are there any pre-patched updated rls till 10.5.6 too? Thx
  10. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    How did u get those TABBED Menu items ?? Can u pls explain