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    iATKOS L2 can't boot

    @catimimi You read on the official site that it isnt compatible with pentium D right? But mine is Intel Core 2 Duo and has got many instructions MMX, SSE (1,2,3, 3S,, 4.1), EM64T!! So please could you help me ??
  2. leochirag

    iATKOS L2 can't boot

    I could successfully install the iatkos s3 v2 but now i am trying for iakos l2 and it installs very finely but while booting at the apple logo screen no swirling appears while booting and after waiting for long time i hear the sound(music of apple "welcome" screen) but the screen is still of the apple boot screen and the music goes on and i dont get to go further however long i waited..... Could you please help me for solving this error....Please I ve been waiting very long for this!! All that i can observe is that it is able to boot successfully(since i am able to hear the apple welcome music) but the screen is not appearing it always remains at the white apple screen and also the swirling (loading) doesnt appear.....?? pls pls help me somebody