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  1. Help Me Get OS X ON PS3

    sure it wouldn't be simple but you'd have literaly tens of people excited about this. Well ten may be stretching it.
  2. Help Me Get OS X ON PS3

    how about getting the Apple TV OS on the PS3, seems like you couldn't find a more esoteric concept
  3. Help Me Get OS X ON PS3

    I've got lots of pre-intel OSX install disks.... just waiting for someone that knows what they are doing to go first (yeah, I know, it'll take more than that)
  4. New project, OSX 10.4.8 on Ps3 Natively without Qemu

    any confirmation that Mac on linux will run on a PS3?
  5. Help Me Get OS X ON PS3

    Any word on this? Another message board (I forget which) mentions that OSX has been successfully installed on a PS3, but doesn't provide any usefull info (LINKS!) I just want to be able to have GUI access to my iTunes library (yes, iTunes, DRM, blah blah blah) on my television. I know you're going to say appleTV, but I've already got a PS3 and like the idea of not having to put ANOTHER box by my tv. Since I am a programming retard, Mac on Linux looks promising, just need the nvidia support, I think.