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  1. @Webcivilian: using the track pad
  2. I am having an issue with the mouse pointer randomly moving all over the screen and opening menus. It continually changes the screen focus. So if I am using pages, it clicks into finder or another application. Any ideas how to fix this it is extremely annoying and can make it difficult to get anything done at times. Help would be great.
  3. Just wanted to thank everyone for their suggestions and help. Turns out i missed deleting a 2 of the kext files from the system, once they were gone I was able to boot fine. i do have one strange occurrence though. After the screen saver tuns off I am unable to use the left click button on the track pad or tap to click any ideas?
  4. Ok so i removed Apple HDA, and rolled back to apppleacpiplatform.kext and still unable to boot without use of -x, I went back and used the l702x kexts for the dell still can't boot without -x. I have the unlocked bios with (AHCI?) hard drive enabled. Also when I restart or shut down 10.8.2 it hangs on a gray screen with just the mouse cursor.
  5. I did all the above suggestion now I get stuck at this screen...Anymore ideas? Where do i find the unlocked a19 bios? Mine is definitely not unlocked and it is still freezing after the realtek line in the screen shot below I have a bigger problem, I think the laptop went to sleep and now i am unable to wake it. 10.8.2 was running in safe mode, and the screen saver came on for a few seconds the screen went black and it shut off. Now when I press the power button, the lights cycle on the hard drive spins up and then it all shuts down again. I removed the battery and power plug for about 3hours plugged it all back in and it continues to do the same thing Fixed who knows what happened....
  6. file://localhost/Users/christopher/Desktop/photo.JPG So i used the appleacpiplatform.kext from the original dmg image of ML 10.8.2 when I boot with just -v the system hangs, looks like panics on the cpu's. I removed the dsdt.aml thinking that might be causing the issue but apparently its not.
  7. I Would assume I just reinstall the original Appleacpiplatform kext that I replaced with the one from the kext pack. If this is the process no need to reply otherwise feel free to correct me. I have learned a lot from the forums and "google" I have hackintosh'd an AMD with 10.6.2, Acer Laptop with 10.6.2, and this laptop twice now 10.7.3 and 10.8.2.
  8. In need of help after fixing the boot conflict, I am not able to boot 10.8.3 unless I use -v -x, when I use just -v the system hangs at "still waiting for root device" this happens just after com.apple.applefscompressiontypedataless load succeeded [realtexrtl81xx:init] Using Updated PHY config method [realtekRtl81xx:init] init completed [rtl81xx@0x2000:rtl8168_init_board] NIC identified as rtl8168E/8111E (mcfg=14) still waiting for root device still waiting for root device still waiting for root device I am using the latest chameleon boot loader, with the dsdt from the kexts Pack. Intel I5 2450M, 25 bus ratio non-3d model Any help would be great
  9. Needing a bit of help. I was able to get 10.8 Iatkos L2 installed using the usb method to partiition 3 on my HDD, rebooted and was able to finish the install but had to do it in safemode. I installed and deleted the kexts in the guide installed chameleon V2.2, ran the kext wizard, and rebooted, it gets halfway through the boot process and restarts, any ideas what can be causing this? Just wanted to add a note, it completes the bootloader process gets to the message "pausing for 5 seconds..." flashes 3 lines showing that it did something and reboots. It doesn't panic, and it does the reboot to fast to get a picture or read the line that maybe causing the reboot issue. I also have windows 7 on paritition 1, OsX 10.7.3 on Parition 2, OsX 10.7 does the same thing when I try to boot it as 10.8 which leads me to believe a problem exist in the bootloader files. ****Above problem was fixed by installing Chamealon 2.2 to both the Lion 10.7.3 and the Mt Lion 10.8.2 Paritions, apparently the boot loader on 10.7.3 was conflicting with the v2.2 on 10.8.2,************
  10. I was able to update to 10.7.4 without any issues just reloaded the kexts from mahnesh before restart and bang it worked. I however am unable to get my trackpad to show as a trackpad keeps coming up as a standard mouse. I think it might be because I have a touchscreen on my dell. Any ideas at all? Can i disable the touch screen in osx?
  11. wna1000m does it work?

    Could you post how you got it working please? I am on 10.7.4
  12. My trackpad is only being seen as a standard mouse. Which kexts should be installed and which ones deleted to get the system to see it as a trackpad? Here is what I have that is showing up with PS2 in the kext name: ApplePS2controller.kext ApplePS2Mouse.kext ApplePS2Trackpad.kext ApplePS2Keyboard.kext VoodooPS2Controller.kext -- this is the only way my keyboard works. Also does anyone have the Touchscreen and if so does it work in MacOsX Lion 10.7.2? Thanks
  13. Schattenzwerg, how did you move your partition? I was able to combine the the Dell Util and Recov partitions to make one unallocated space before the OS and MacOs partitions. It does not show up as a partition but I am also not able to move the partitions around. I used easyBCD to make a windows boot screen allowing for the option of the OsX but i was unable to boot into OSX it can't be found which i believe is an issue with EasyBCD. I also am unable to get the keyboard and trackpad working but thats the least of my concerns. If i can't get it to boot its going back to the original system and back to dell...
  14. Looking for some help. I was able to install Iatkos L2 installed all the kexts and chameleon boot loader, but I am unable to boot to osx. The hard drive is in 5 partitions, 1-is dell utilities-Fat16, 2-win7 recovery-NTFS, 3-Win7OS NTFS, 4-Lion-OS Extended Journal 5-FileStg-fat32. The hard drive is formatted as MasterBootRecord. I keep getting a bootmgr: missing. Will I need to reformat the hard drive and repartition it to something else? I don't often use Win7 as a matter fact only used it to delete the kext files and stuff. I have formatted the NTFS drives to Extended Journal. Any ideas I currently use the iatkos dvd to boot.
  15. I am getting a boot0: error any ideas? Also sound is not working. I installed the kexts from the dell pack and using the dsdt file from John L for the core i5 Specs Dell Xps 17 L702X Core i5-2450m @2.5ghz 6gb ram Intel HD Graphcis and NVIDA Geforce GT550M Bios A16 Installing to Same drive Win7 is on, with its own partition in HFS+ Installed MacDrive 8 & 9 but can't see the HFS partition