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  1. Hi everyone, I have got a osx86 machine & a iMac and the iMac is not being able to view all the folders/files from a networked folder. I see 323 items on my osx86 but only 133 on the iMac. Funny enough, I can use "Go to folder" to manually type in the folder I can't see (but know to exist) and navigate there. Going back a level reverses it though. Does anyone have clue on why this is happening and how to solve this? Any clue would be appreciated.
  2. great news! i'm gonna try upgrading in the next few weeks. meanwhile I'll reference this thread in my original C90S thread.
  3. owners thread: Asus C90 / C90S

    abdersfisch3r managed to install snow leopard on a C90S. check it out
  4. owners thread: Asus C90 / C90S

    ... just got a USB2expresscard adapter and I'm charging and syncing the iPod with my extra USB 2.0 port. So support for expresscard: OK
  5. owners thread: Asus C90 / C90S

    I stopped using my hackintosh for a while because I need to work with several windows-only 3D CAD packages. Anyway, I've been back for 2 weeks now and I found out that the new VoodooHDA audio kexts improves ALOT the audio support on my system: audiojack out allows me to plug my external speakers, internal speakers are usable, and even the mic gets some audio in. The internal speakers seem to be as loud as in windows, but the mic capture is low and with lotsa background noise. But overall I;m glad I can finally leave my USB audio soundcard. Also, the latest install I've got is an iPC 10.5.6 and it was giving me Kernel Panics everynow and then (using Voodoo Kernel 9.5). I'm not sure what was causing those KP but last week I installed VoodooPower (for Speedstep support) and not only I get a lot lower CPU temp (average 55C Vs previous 67C) I haven't had a KP since then. Hope this helps others C90S users out there
  6. ALC883 finally 5.1 sound !

    I;ve been trying to get my Realtek ALC883 working on the C90S for a year now. I've trying every single ALC883 kext out there and nothing works. I've asked taruga about it when his forum was still up and he said I problably had different pinups... a thing you could possibly fix with time but unfortunately for me he is not doing it anymore. Anyone know where I could get more info on this? what to really change? I've got my ubuntu dump and Taruga's patcher 1.20 and although I can get the audio devices to appear in the pref pane, I cant get audio and About My Mac says I haven't got audio built in. Any help/insight would really be appreciated
  7. Use mobile as webcam on mac

    do you also get crappy quality in photobooth? what's the max res your outputing from your phone? I can't get more than 320x240 and I think that's why my photobooth pics are some jaggy...
  8. owners thread: Asus C90 / C90S

    sorry for the late reply but i didn't get the notice. Yeah, sometimes azaliaaudio doesn't load for some reason. I noticed that after entering single user mode (-s at boot) and running the suggested 2 commands and then exit (will load into OS X) the audio kext will load. Check SYS preferences.
  9. I like krambuhl's version. Can someone explain the reason of "evolution" slogan? is it because insanelymac is evolving? or OSX? But aren't they both evolving constantly? why using a slogan about that now? Isn't it too generic and ... cliché? I personaly like the graphics of yezero evolution logo very much but I don't see a lot of Insanelymac in it.
  10. after updating kalyway to 10.5.3 I had some QE/CI issues which I solved but now I noticed that I can't launch dashboard. I'm using speedstep kernel 9.2.0 as it is the only kernel that let me shutdown and restart correctly (no sleep, though) Anyone experienced this dashboard issue? any suggestion on how can I diagnose the problem? I appreciate any help.
  11. Asus Laptop Owners

    Update: Currently running 10.5.3 Kalyway. CHeck my sig
  12. owners thread: Asus C90 / C90S

    OK, I'm using 10.5.3 now. For that I did this: Using Kalyway 10.5.3 Combo update I updated my Kalyway10.5.2 install. REBOOT - bakup and delete all NV*kext and Geforce*kext and *bundle. - install nvinstaller .41 using 512MB option (I didnt choose nvinjectGo this time). DO NOT REBOOT [from Krazubu post] - Open the info.plist of the injecter (/system/library/extensions/xxxx.kext/contents/info.plist) - find IOProbeScore and replace its <integer>XXXX</integer> with <integer>0</integer> - save to Desktop and replace the original Info.plist with this one (you'll need to authenticate) - in terminal sudo chown -R root:wheel /system/library/extensions sudo chmod -R 755 /system/library/extensions sudo rm /system/library/extensions.mkext - REBOOT All these was necessary so that I could keep QE and CI after the Combo update. Still have a lot to test. Continued issues: Sleep not working, Sound still not at 100%
  13. owners thread: Asus C90 / C90S

    [update on main post]
  14. ASUS c90s

    I've got one. look at my signature