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  1. That would be much appreciated! I have been working on getting OSx running on my ux32vd for a few weeks(on and off) and i've been finding various information from various places and in the end, it's broken thanks to a bad video driver. At its best, I had it booting quickly, battery meter, sound, touchpad, and full resolution. What was missing was video acceleration for the hd4000(very jumpy). I also haven't swapped my WiFi card yet but I do have a compatible USB one that I ordered to use until i decide this is something i'm going to run as a daily OS. My current setup: Along with specs in my signature, I have latest Clover bootloader installed. I installed OSx Mavericks from a distro on usb(I don't have access to a Mac). I was going to just format and start over for the OSx install so a short guide would be a great help to see where I went wrong