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  1. TabletMagic for TabletPCs

    Scott, I've downloaded the source and poked around in the detection code. Never worked with the IOKit, and haven't gotten any indication of picking up data yet. I haven't had any indication that the serial device the wacom plugs through is available to the IOKit. I read in another post (can't remember which) that the tc1100 has a PCI device that the wacom tablet plugs in through. Aparently, it is different than the tc1000. I'll search through what I've found and let you know if I can confirm that the serial port is available.
  2. TabletMagic for TabletPCs

    Still looking to help make TabletMagic work with the HP tc1100! I've installed b10, and it now reports the tablet being found as ISD V4.0 (TabletPC). Is this an actual query of the tablet, or just a string put in for Hackintoshes? Then I try to use any of the items on the "Testing" tab, I get no data from the tablet. I have some programming experience in C/C++. How can I help?
  3. TabletMagic for TabletPCs

    I still don't have any devices in /dev. Do most people have a /dev/serial0? Is there a thread better for discussing general serial port issues?
  4. TabletMagic for TabletPCs

    Ah, the system IS recognizing the hardware. I didnt realize that ioreg didn't show full information when run with no options. My ioreg entry is the same as stevef's | +-o DIGI <class IOACPIPlatformDevice, registered, matched, active, busy 0, retain count 6> | | { | | "_UID" = "1" | | "name" = <"WACF005"> | | "_STA" = 0xd | | "compatible" = <"ACPI\WACF004"> | | } | | I tried copying this string exactly into Apple16X50ACPI.kext, deleting Extensions.*, and rebooting, but still no recognition by TabletMagic. I did notice, however, if WACF005 is in the file, Apple16X50ACPI.kext is loaded, but if a bogus string is in there, Apple16X50ACPI.kext doesn't load at boot time. Where is the logging for kernal extentions done? I'll attach the full contents. FYI, lspci doesn't seem to come with a default 10.4.6 install, but I'm going to try to build it from source. Just tried, it says darwin isnt supported. Does anyone know where there is a darwin version of it? I'll check the sources I have. For now, here is the ioreg output. Oops, forgot to attach. Here we go ioreg.txt
  5. TabletMagic for TabletPCs

    stevef and Scott, I have also installed 10.4.6 on my HP tc1100. Its great! I've been trying to use TabletMagic to get my Wacom tablet going, but have hit the exact same problems as stevef. Specifically: I've tried a few other things, and may have some info to help. First, I changed the Info.plist to read "WACF005", deleted /System/Library/Extensions.*, and rebooted. After reboot, Apple16X50Serial.kext still is not loaded. Running sudo kextload Apple16X50Serial.kext yields a successful response. However, no new devices are found in /dev, nor is the tablet recognized in TabletMagic. From reading the source, it appears that an appeal is made to the Apple IOkit stuff to actually communicate with the serial device, so this leads me to believe that it is, indeed, a problem with recognition of the serial ports. I can't see any reference to the tablet at all in the boot log, or any other device listing (like ioreg). I've attached a screenshot of the device interconnections repored in the Device Manager on XP.