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  1. Work in Progress: Google (Inventec) Cr-48

    Does anyone know if WPA/2 Enterprise works fine? It worked great on Windows 7 for me, doesn't work at all on Chrome OS, and keeps losing the connection on Ubuntu and Arch Linux...
  2. Work in Progress: Google (Inventec) Cr-48

    You'll need a mouse to enable the click button on the trackpad, but otherwise 10.6.0 works fine. I'm still not having luck booting into 10.6.5 after the update though. Stuck on "Waiting for DSMOS..." - I must have missed something. Edit: Booted to the pretty wallpaper where the mouse is in the corner, but it's frozen like that. Can't move the mouse, but the pointer changes from a regular pointer to the beachball, back and forth, and nothing else happens.
  3. Work in Progress: Google (Inventec) Cr-48

    I'll be trying this guide tonight. I had a bunch of Linuxes on mine and now have Windows 7, but 1GB free space isn't enough, and I love Mac OS X.
  4. Dell Studio 540 Desktop Installation

    Bump, how did you get the Radeon 3450 working?
  5. Need OS 9

    Hey adamworthy, I'm in the US, but have an original OS 9 CD I could ship to you. I'm just unsure about shipping and have never shipped anything to the UK. PM me if you still need the CD.
  6. Apple TV Wont Authorize

    But do regular, unprotected files work?
  7. Apple TV on OSx86 10.4.10?

    Haha, we meet again! Hope you had luck with getting it to work.
  8. Running aTV OS on Intel Macs

    oops sorry for the typo....http://crimsonredmk.googlepages.com/tv is right. I'm trying to disassemble the kernel prelink, I've read that some kexts are in there, and maybe the ACPI kext could be placed inside. Worth a try? Also I never really said hello, so hi, I'm Mike and i'm glad to finally be a part of this forum. I've always been interested in OSX86, until I bought an iMac, but now the goodness continues with the AppleTV OS. I'll keep posting if I get results.
  9. Running aTV OS on Intel Macs

    Yupp, I've reeplaced some files and got: http://crimsonredmk.googlepages.com/tv Included are pictures for proof...any ideas for where to put the ACPI driver?