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  1. It's a used MacBook Air (original model). Comes with USB SuperDrive, iLife, iWork, and Snow Leopard. Works perfectly and in okay condition - minor wear (scratches, worn rubber feet), but no major damage. I can take pictures if anyone's interested. Can ship to anywhere in US or Canada.
  2. I have an old busted PowerBook G4 (the original 17-inch) that I'd like to use as an external screen for my MacBook Air. I know this will involve some hardware hacking, but I'm not entirely sure how to do it. Can it be done, and if so, is someone here willing to help me with the process? I'd mainly need where and what parts to by and a basic overview of what to do.
  3. thanks for that. now, does anyone have the answers to my other two questions:
  4. 9A466 Front Row?

    so, Leopard's front row isn't just Apple TV? Because last time I checked, the Apple TV used no Core Animation.
  5. 9A466 Front Row?

    Is there any way to get the 9A466 Front Row running on OS 10.4 Tiger??
  6. I'm having trouble getting A-Dock to display like you have it. First off, it won't let me drag anything to the dock. This means no Dashboard. Second, it displays the trash in a separate dock a little to the right. How do I fix this? Lastly, how do I get rid of the regular dock completely?
  7. i knew about that link already, i was referring to dggraphics' theme with the updated dock, which is not on the link you sent me.
  8. Oh man, that is so cool! You have to upload that somewhere!
  9. adobe creative suite 3

    Who else besides me got it/is getting it?
  10. Another question: I want to try the quit plugin, but that file host is down. is there any other place to download it? (I got it working, by the way)
  11. Hmmm..... When it's on WindowRenderer.... , it works fine. But after changing it back to FullscreenRenderer, the application will not even boot. Its process will not even show up in Activity Monitor. What's going on?
  12. Is there any way to switch out of Apple TV while it's running?
  13. I think it's the same problem as this: http://garrickvanburen.com/archive/some-po...eys-not-working However, I do NOT want to drive all the way to the nearest apple store (it's 2 hours away!) just to reconnect a keyboard. Does anyone know how I do this myself?
  14. is there any way to have a keyboard command for Fast User Switching? I want to have my Apple TV account in one pane and be able to switch back and forth at will. EDIT: Never mind. I'll just wait for the new tutorial.