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  1. Hi, I’ve read a topic where you talked about an HP Pavilion dv6-6xxx and installing Mavericks. I wonder if you could share the last bios mod Donovan6000 created, links are broken. And I’d like to know if you are still using it with High Sierra and your USB 3 (left side) ports work or not. Thank you.

    1. skyfly555


      Done. I got it.

  2. Dec_Bra1n

    macOS Mojave - Launched

    Intel hd 3000 won't support right ?
  3. not working man i have 10EC, 5209, 103C, 3388, Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd., RTS5209 PCI Express Card Reader this is my log
  4. Guys ads are not responsive so mobile look is quite ugly
  5. Honestly I am trying to update High Sierra from 10.13.1 to 10.13.4 but never get success every time I trying to update I got trouble every time system restarts while installing update (Combo + App Store on both cases ) and now this script also not working for me
  6. Yes but again same man
  7. I did not try the script but generally i am not able to update my High Sierra neither from app store nor from combo update i will try the script and tell you asap
  8. Sorry for off topic but I am having trouble I am trying to update High Sierra from 10.13 to 10.13.2, 10.13.3 but failed so many times. I have tried from Combo Update and from App Store but while installing system restart all the time but I have updated 10.12.2 to 10.12.6 with same config and works fine but not happening with High Sierra
  9. Not working bro I place lilu and inject kext yes but still no luck
  10. Cool I will try and telly ASAP Not working it's restarted like always did
  11. I have Win 10 if i remove then win will damage
  12. I am not using Lilu+AppleALC and i tried that InectKext=Yes but still same