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  1. iDeneb 10.5.7 on Asus M3N78-EM mother board

    I can run that one with topickstarter's "hints" (safemode (-x)), and after it I can run that OS without safe mode (diskutil repairpermissions /; reboot #as root), but when I start that OS in normal mode so my ethernet and sound card hadn't show. bluetooth only (nework devices). Also videocard doesn't work in quatz (or quardz))) mode. I try remove extensions.kext and reeeboot. nothing. Bluetooth view my devices, but can't connected to them (watching some information from them very long time only). Remembering "Jas distributives' time". Then people mades distros (hackintosh 10.4.x) better (other generation of people?) and manuals was greater. The Time of iDeneb distros not best time. As I think that "developers" was solved of Apple company and now staying ... sorry.
  2. iDeneb 10.5.7 on Asus M3N78-EM mother board

    2 mittpatel >+ AMD Patch there're not some ones. >+ ACPI Patch there're a couple of them. "After installation boot with -v -f Your pc will hang up after a while - reset Now boot with -s at root: type this commands root:: mount -uw / root:: mv /system/library/extensions/NVDAResman.kext /system root:: reboot" after all that changes I'm watching a gray screen only.