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  1. yow.. thanks for keep posting up.. i've try to install AGPGart from ATI_9600_C008_AGP.pkg using pacifist and yeah.. my card known as AGP, and the card is more responsive, but i loose the QE & CI support.. after that i try to install whole package ATI_9600_C008_AGP.pkg and the screen goes black after apple grey screen.. now i have to reinstall it once more.., cause i don't know how to fix it from darwin.. i'll give another try from your upcoming upload Cheers...
  2. hi.. just finished to install your method some improvement happeds thanks RESOLUTION CHANGE enabled but still some prob vga still detected as PCI but i can't select some refresh rate i want, 1152x864 32 (75Hz) my monitor supoort this on windows, but only 60hz and 80hz available, (80hz cause black screen) and the graphic responsive is not quite good, i try the ripple effect on dashboard and it looks better before i install the driver.. also mouse tearing... any idea?
  3. hi pvil got your file here... need some lil guide i think copy all ATI files to system/library/extensions right? and othere so system/framework? after replacing all file what do i need to do? i mean the command sudo, chown etc.. not really understand that langage.. thanks.. ok to make it clear (he he sorry if my english is bad) got this file from you (10.4.4_Ati_kexts_and_Old_Frameworks.rar) thanks.. i got it extracted what do i need to do with the files? ATIRadeon9700DVDDriver.bundle ATIRadeon9700GA.plugin ATIRadeon9700GLDriver.bundle ATIRadeon9700VADriver.bundle OpenGL.framework Quartz.framework QuartzCore.framework i think copy all ATI files to /system/library/extensions and others to /system/frameworks is it true? and for ati files, is it normal to be like that? wan't it supposed to be .kext? after copying the file do i need to do specific command from terminal? since i can't install it via pacifist sorry if i to much askin' here thanks for the support,,, Cheers...