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  1. been a while since i visited this thread.. been away for a loooooong time because of work.. decided to reformat my dell and reinstall hackintosh 10.7.4 but im experiencing kernell panic when i use this kext "AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext" need to delete it in windows for mac os to boot. Tried geekbench (64-bit) and only got 7328 specs - i7 2670QM definitely something wrong here hehee UPDATE: i used the old "AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext" from the old kext uploaded by mahesh for 10.7.2 before now geekbench is up to 9335, still a far cry away from 10200 but better
  2. yeah they removed it but A11 still there. question, does sleep works under A11 or only in A12? Sorry i don't have. got my laptop A14 OTB. but will try to look if i can salvage for A12 bios. @Zpecter - try not to press F8 and let it boot to the installation setup/guide
  3. hello Mahesh, tried using your latest DSDT with the latest BIOS. On my side, sleep still not working. stays on blank screen after hitting any keys or the power button. tried also closing the lid but same result But no other issues encounter so far. @Zpecter - have you installed the iatkos already? or you are trying to access the installation setup? Have you followed Mahesh guide properly?
  4. hi mahesh, here's an update on the card reader kext.. kext is still buggy, need to plug the SD card before the boot up but once detected from boot up, SD card can be detected even after removing it and plugging it again. btw ejecting is working properly on my end I tried putting it after the boot up or start up but unfortunately it was not detected. Thanks on your efforts.. Also can't wait for your guide on how to update to mountain lion the moment it is available
  5. last time i said that the card reader kext was working properly. but i encountered an error... you need to plug the SD card before you start your laptop and boot to mac os x. tried plugging in the SD card after the boot and it is undetectable (or maybe i just don't know how to make it work after the boot hehehe) but for me this is still a minor issue
  6. My Geekbech score http://browse.geekbench.ca/geekbench2/566438 thanks to this awesome guide..
  7. @mahesh WOOHOO!!! Thanks!! kexts working perfectly. Tried opening jpeg files, mp3 files, and safely remove of SD card are all working properly. Before i tried AnyCardReader, AppleStorageDrivers, AppleUSBCardReader.Kext but all of these didn't work. i must say that now my hack is almost 100% working aside from intel wifi and optimus 550M, only sleep and wake don't work but it is a minor issue for me. Also, im wondering from above post of @ngochan, according to him his sleep function is working properly using wen1's SSDT - which also currently im using.
  8. Hey guys, any idea how to make the internal card reader work? noticed that it is not even recognize by my laptop under system profiler and sleep is currently not working. black screen even after hitting any keys in the keyboard. im using Mahesh DSDT V0.6 and Wen1's SSDT My hack specs 2670QM, 550M, Full HD, non 3D used iatkosL2 10.7.2 installer. also, i would like to take this opportunity to thank Mahesh and Wen1.. GREAT JOB!