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  1. Everything was working fine with Chameleon v2 RC3. It works with RC5 for one session then is gone after rebooting. How do I lock the files? I am pretty sure it's not updates causing this behaivour (unless Maverick Meerkat has updates happenning in the background wihtout me authorizing them). It must be something in the shutdown phase that is changing things.
  2. I used to have a triple boot system running fine with chameleon RC3 and 10.6.5 / Win 7 / Ubuntu Lucid, but since upgrading the linux partition keeps disappearing from Chameleon. I have Snow leopard on it's own drive which has the bootloader and Win7 and Ubuntu share another drive. I installed Ubuntu chosing to install grub on the Ubuntu partition (/dev/sdd5 in my case) but it doesn't show up in chameleon. If I boot from the Live CD and reinstall Grub2 like this... sudo mount /dev/sdd5 /mnt sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sdd5 --force ... and then reboot, Linux finally shows up in the chameleon bootloader until I reboot again............ and it's gone. So each time I want to boot into Ubuntu I have to boot with the liveCD, reinstall grub and then reboot. I want to use Chameleon as the bootloader as it's much prettier than grub and I don't want any extra steps involved to booting normally into snow leopard. I also want Windows to be a selection from chameleon as I used to have it so Grub must go on the Ubuntu partition and not the MBR. Any ideas why ubuntu would be modifying (perhaps it thinks it needs repairing) it's own bootloader on reboot?
  3. Airport-like app for Ralink 2870

    Ok does connect at startup after a small delay. Throws iChat out which complains about no internet connection after a reboot but that's no biggy. Still can't seem to get a connection above 54bmps. I have a 802.11g dlink pci card (atheros) which was working great as airport extreme with device id's but it wasn't fast enough to stream 720p movies over the network. So I upgraded my router to 802.11n and bought a this Tenda W322U USB (300mbps 802.11n Ralink 3072) as there were offical ralink drivers for 10.6. Works great in Windows 7, connects to my router at 300mbps but It will only connect at 54mbps with the ralink drivers. Can anyone report connecting to 802.11n networks with and of the ralink devices in snow leopard?
  4. Anyone got display working after sleep with dual DVI on 5770 w Vervet?
  5. ATI HD 5770

    I'm also getting no display on wake from sleep with default FB (Vervet) and dual DVI. FKA did you ever find out what was causing the 'micro-stuttering' you were noticing? I upgraded to a 5770 from a GT210 purely because I was jealous of my friend's iMac ultra silky smooth interface rendering (expose / spaces / dashboard) . The GT210 was pretty smooth but not quite as good as a real mac. I got the 5770 because I saw all the new mac pro's were shipping with it and figured apple would have it sorted. Ironically, with this setup (RC5 + Kabyl v700, Vervet, Dual DVI), expose definately not smooth. In fact the much lower spec'd GT210 was doing a far better job of it. It only happens in dual DVI mode. If I switch to 'mirrored displays' it's smooth. Granted there are a lot more pixels to deal with but if the GT210 can do it, the 5770 should do it many times faster. It should have no problem rendering the interface at or close to the monitor refresh rate as seen in a real mac. Can anyone report that they have silky smooth expose / spaces with a 5770 in dual DVI mode?
  6. FYI I got 10.6.5 installed on this machine with iAtkos S3 v2 and the GMA4500 modified Chameleon bootloader. There are kexts floating around for sound, lan and wifi. All working. Only strange thing is random intermittent kernel panics at boot time. %50 of the time it boots fine but the other times it KPs on the grey apple screen. The wierdest thing is, when booting verbose, the kext that caused the KP seems to be different every time, sometimes just the kernel itself. I've switched to 32bit mode now and it seems to minimize the KPs at boot, infact I havent seen one in a while but have only rebooted about 6 or 7 times since. Anyone know what could be causing this? Perhaps I need to create a tweaked DSDT but apart from the RTC fix I have know idea what to look for. Other annoying thing is as the display is not supported properly (no QE/CI), the display won't sleep which means no hope of any kind of sleep, Have to switch it off manually after using it. Anyone know of a fix for this?
  7. Airport-like app for Ralink 2870

    This is working for me in 10.6.4 with a Tenda W322U V2.0 (RT3072) but with a couple of issues. 1. Doesn't reconnect automatically on login. Have to access the control panel and manually activate a profile or replug the device to connect. 2. Is there any way of determining the wifi link speed? Network Utility shows 0 Mbit/s and the "TX Speed" display from the ralink drivers is missing. I had the ralink offical driver installed and I couldn't get it to connect above 54Mbps even though it is a 300Mbps 802.11n card. I was hoping this driver might be better but I can't see any way to check.
  8. Finally got this working using vanilla x3100 kexts and DSDT file from the page below page, (which differs greatly from the ones supplied here). I still can't boot on battery ot get a readable display with of the DSDT files in this thread. see videos above. http://www.itayemi.com/blog/2009/09/21/ins...p-compaq-6710b/
  9. Not for me, check the videos above. 10.6.3.
  10. try bootling with -v (or pressing down in chameleon and selecting 'boot verbose') to see where it panics. C'mon... somebody must be able to point me in the right direction?
  11. Video of the AC power issue. Cut a few seconds out in the middle to make it shorter. and screen corruption.
  12. Ok guys, does anyone know what part of the DSDT file is responsible for +2GB ram issue? I have followed 3 different guides and tried many different DSDT files but I can't boot past the IOAPIC messages with more then 2GB installed. In Trick77's guide he mentions that DSDT patcher was the cuplrit for him but creating a vanilla one didn't work for me. 10.6.2 is installed and working great on 2GB but no matter what, I can't boot past IOAPIC with any provided DSDT with more than 1 x 2gb stick in the machine. I am comfortable with editing the file if someone knows what needs to be done. Thanks. Asus P6T (non deluxe, non SE) i7-920 6G Ram (2G atm) 10.6.2 bios version 1004
  13. Thanks for the reply. Updated to 10.6.3 and using your dsdt I am still getting corrupted display and not able to boot without AC plugged in (hangs at IOPIC). Strangely enough, it will hang there indefinatley but if i plug the ac in at this point, instantly the boot continues. Did I read somewhere that some of you guys upgraded your lcd? Perhaps that is the difference? Here is my EDID. # EDID version 1 revision 3 Section "Monitor" # Block type: 2:0 3:f # Block type: 2:0 3:fe # Block type: 2:0 3:fe Identifier "SEC:454c" VendorName "SEC" ModelName "SEC:454c" # Block type: 2:0 3:f # Block type: 2:0 3:fe # Block type: 2:0 3:fe # DPMS capabilities: Active off:no Suspend:no Standby:no Mode "1280x800" # vfreq 59.976Hz, hfreq 48.941kHz DotClock 69.300000 HTimings 1280 1296 1344 1416 VTimings 800 801 804 816 Flags "-HSync" "-VSync" EndMode # Block type: 2:0 3:f # Block type: 2:0 3:fe # Block type: 2:0 3:fe
  14. Same thing if I change resolutions. The display is fine from boot, but after changing res, or waking from sleep, the display is corrupted. Anyone have any ideas?
  15. Hey guys, great work here btw. I wish I had the knowhow to sift thru the DSDT manually but alas it is beyond me. Defender666 / Einstein can you guys please confirm you can boot without the AC power, that you are using vanilla X3100 kexts and the display is not corrupted after waking from sleep. I can handle no ethernet and the occasional kp from voodooBattery but these two issues really have me beat. I've read thru this thread a few times now and I can't work out if these are currently 'known issues' or whether I have missed something. I have 10.6.2 booting fine with AC power in and gfx is fine until sleep after which it becomes grey and pink abstract art. Other times I have come back to it after a while and the display is corrupted in a way that looks like half horizontal resolution.