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  1. G5 to ATX Front I/O Cables

    I received the cable last night and installed it right away. It works great and looks awesome. The only "near" issue I had was that the audio pins on my MB are very far from the rest of the plugs so I had to route the wires straight across the MB to reach. It interferes slightly with the clean cable management I was trying to accomplish, but at least the wires are black and my MB is black so they blend right in.
  2. G5 Rear panel I/O without MB Tray?

    I was able to cut out and use most of the rear IO from my late 2005 G5. I had to cut off the network jacks since they were in the way of the audio jacks on my new board. I also had to trim down the backs on the two audio jacks of the salvaged IO since they interferred with the DVI connector on the new motherboard. Of all the connectors I only soldered on wires for the three usb jacks and the two audio jacks. I'll have firewire running through the front port and don't ever plan on using it anyway. It is definitely a REALLY tight fit. The rear IO and my motherboard are literly touching eachother so I had to put a piece of tape between them to make sure there wouldn't be any shorts.
  3. Kalyway Restarts while booting

    Does it reboot before you can install? Mine reboots right after the white screen with an apple shows up. No solution found yet. The Iatkos verson goes further, but then just stops at the white apple. arghh
  4. ahhhh, you used an IDE drive. I missed that part. I have some spare ide drives kicking around somewhere. I'll have to give it a try. Do you have any plans to try and more your installation to a sata drive? My case can only hold one drive, and I want to use a 500gb to triple boot osx, xp, and ubuntu. My little 60gb ide will be a bit tight, but I guess I could put the 500gb in an external enclosure for data files.
  5. I have the same MB and couldn't get it working. I didn't do any patching to the AMD disc, and when I try to install it gives me an error that basically tells me that my HDD isn't writeable. What sort of permissions did you set to get it to work? Do you perhaps have a list of the steps you took to get it to work? I also have a 7600gt installed in the computer which I use instead of the on board video, but I could pull it if you think that could have anything to do with my problems. Thanks, and congrats on your success.
  6. New AMD DVD for leopard

    Thanks for the reply!! 1&2) I was starting from a blank drive, but I did format it with HFS Journaled when it was in the USB enclosure. Connected via sata the drive is visible, but cannot be formatted, written to, erased, etc. 3) It was a USB drive when the install actually worked, but I want the drive to be connected via sata. (and the USB drive could not be made bootable) 4) It was a clean install. Whatever is going on appears to be hardware related. I tried changing just about every Bios setting that seemed applicable. Thanks again
  7. New AMD DVD for leopard

    I posted the same problem without an answer. It must not be common. I know it has something to do with the drive not being writable. I was able to install by putting the drive into a USB external enclosure, but the install wouldn't boot after. I've pretty much given up at this point. What kind of motherboard are you using? Maybe we can start by figuring out our common components. I have a foxconn MB using a 6150 Nvidia chipset.
  8. New AMD DVD for leopard

    I'm having trouble getting this installed. My hard drive is not seen as an install location unless it is formatted. When I try to partition the disk in OSX it hangs for about 30 minutes and then says the operation timed out. If I format it with the windows xp install disk and boot into OSX I can see the drive and if I double click on it, it asks if I want to erase the disk. If I procede from there the install immediatly fails and says that it can't copy to the drive. Does anyone have any idea why my drive isn't writable? I've tried a WD, and Hitachi drive with no joy, and both drives are perfectly functional. System-- Opteron 165 2gb Ram Foxconn 6150BK8MC Nforce 4 motherboard Hitachi 500g Sata Nvidia 7600gs 256mb
  9. New AMD DVD for leopard

    I have the same issue. Installation fails immediatly saying that it can't copy files. It also freezes if I try to change partitions in the Disk Utility menu. For some reason it sees my HDD, but can't write to it. Any ideas?