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  1. Thanks! I wrote it. Nice to see people are talking about it. Sincerely, X-Man aka Goodtime (since the cat is out of the bag).
  2. AOMT, What are you trying to say? Swad, Can we come to a truce? I will not post anymore links to Nicemac.com.. my users won't either. just stop blocking us and we can refer to each other's content in a civil manner. I don't want us to be enemies any longer. I want nicemac to grow naturally, not articially. So the link-spamming has already or will stop. Could you please be a nice guy and turn off the silent moderator probation and please stop censoring my edits to my posts? Sincerely, Goodtime
  3. Does Spiderman tell everyone that he is peter parker? I was trying to turn over a new leaf. It was a white lie. I am sure Soundless could read between the lines and X-man/Goodtime kept their word and PM'd all the nicemac users to stop link-spamming InsanelyMac (or any other site). Friends? Yes I want be friends, but your Supreme big brother actions say otherwise. Who is lying now? Filtering someone's posts and not telling them?
  4. Nice to see that you keep people's records confidential. I was trying keep my anonymity here. Immature? I just agreed and told my users to stop linking spamming on InsanelyMac? I agreed to a truce. If can't play nice. That's your can of worms. Not mine. Who is immature? Giving out people's private email addresses on the internet that they used for validation. Or someone who tries to come to an agreement and be friends. Thank you, Goodtime X-Man This post just got edited by Swad.. He is censoring again. I am on moderator probation. This time I am not being notified... All my posts are delayed by five minutes for review.
  5. Agreed. I will speak to Goodtime and have him ask his users to only link to real content between the both sites and to pull a halt to any drive by link spamming as this is not good for either IM or NM. NiceMac wants to grow naturally and does no longer want to spam any sites by its members or the admin. I think we have a truce here. You have my word. X-man
  6. That is correct! You hit the nail on the head.
  7. Agreed, we should stop comparing. Just a rebutal here about Clonetool. Anyone can get Clonetool, but it is now obsolete and is being phased out completely with Clonetool Hatchery which InsanelyMac or another other site does not have rights to distribute because it is copyrighted and is protected under the DMCA. X-man
  8. BTW, InsanelyMac lost Clonetool as a result of the cold war. Then you know who threw the 1st punch, but it was not an attack on me. It was on nicemac.
  9. I don't understand what you are asking. Could you rephrase the question. Prove it. Find how many posts there were, repost all of the deleted posts and let's tally the votes.
  10. Factoid: 6 posts of over 600 of Goodtime's posts contained the words nicemac. Also Nice Mac does not have any rules except for maybe one, "Be Nice and Have Fun."
  11. History repeats itself. It's 1984 all over again. It would not be a war if someone did not throw the first cannonball in nicemac's direction. By the way, I am good friends with Goodtime and he has decided to let his site grow organically. Because of this he has been getting more users through world of mouth. He does not need IM to catapult his site. Have a good day. Don't get too aggravated. Goodtime is not. I just got off the phone with him. X-man
  12. NiceMac would allow it and not draw any attention to it. NiceMac let's users promote their own sites. After all that's what the internet is all about. Out of sight of mind. Draw attention to it and you're asking for it. There is a revolution going on right now. It's just a spark right now but it will turn into a wildfire. Nothing is preventing users from being both. Right now only one of the sites is applying restrictions on its users. Pick which one.
  13. Here lies the lesson. If you put too many restrictions on something or someone. Others will see the dishonor and rebel. It's human nature. With these restrictions, IM has shown that it has lost its confidence in its user base and is trying to filter out other sites to stay on top. The internet is a whole lot of sites that are linked, and is not a black hole where all the content gravites to one area. Competition is good.
  14. This is in the past but here a few good examples: nicemac Logo contest was removed. (This was an active thread, many IM users participated). nicemac YouTube contest was removed (Contest is ongoing on NM), because of its removal, some users are making some bold statements about the filtering. Goodtime's sigs and avatars were removed multiple times in a few days. Goodtime was put on Moderation Probation. Goodtime asked to leave on his own. Guests cannot view any InsanelyMac Sigs. Call it removal of spam, breaking the rules or whatever you want. I am sure others will disagree with this filtering. My 2 cents.