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  1. iLux

    18 of September Leopard?

    Tiger appeared in April 29th. The final date was announced before mid-April.
  2. iLux

    Guess Leo's Final Build (Oct)

    Nobody has ever said the roadmap was legit It can be a pure creation, that roadmap is really not hard to imagine.
  3. iLux

    Build 9a527

    No one knows. Educated guess : October 29th or 30th
  4. iLux

    Apple's Logo

    Even if it's quite surely not the true version, I prefer thinking it's a reference to Alan Turing's suicide (condemned to chemical castration because of it's homosexuality (remember that the Apple logo was rainbow-coloured for long), he suicided eating an poisoned apple). By the way, an Apple has a lot more evocational power than any other fruit (Adam & Eve,…)
  5. iLux

    Resolution Independence

    It is more or less what Ramm said. It allows an element to look the same size even if the resolution of the screen is much bigger. Which allows you to have a high-density screen without having all the stuff super-tiny.
  6. iLux

    New Leopard Build Watch

    This was mainly a legend : it has only been true during the begining of Leopard beta process.
  7. iLux

    Not even screenshots - Geez!

    You don't have to disagree with a NDA you didnot sign. That said, Apple *owns* Mac OS X. If you want to do, or to see anything about it, you have to have their permission.
  8. iLux

    Expect a new GUI in Leopard?

    The point about the standard Finder was just to emphasize that there's no need to modify your application in any way to make it work in Time Machine.
  9. iLux

    The "Top Secret" Features

    He only said that the beginning of the keynote (he did some Dashboard show) has been done on an Intel Mac.
  10. iLux

    Steve Jobs secretly best payed CEO?

    Apple publicy advertise whatever they give to Steve Jobs. It has never been a secret that his stock-options + bonus make him rich. Thus Apple is not the only company Steve Jobs earns money from. Remember that he's also the biggest shareholder of Disney.
  11. iLux

    NO "Top Secrets"

    If that exists, the only reason for "developping the Yellow Box all that time long without delivering anything" I see is "Apple has an unlimited amount of developing capacities and waste wherever they can"
  12. iLux

    NO "Top Secrets"

    If Leopard got half-announced last year, it was to be able to give tha APIs to the developers so that they could get used to it. This time, only end-user features'll be introduced. No need to do a session on that (for instance, if Apple creates a Telephony app (or integrates it to iChat), there's really no need to do a session other than just something on the InstantMessaging framework/iChat one).
  13. iLux

    NO "Top Secrets"

    I did under-mention it. At WWDC, there will be a feature-complete Leopard.
  14. iLux

    NO "Top Secrets"

    indeed, I was wrong. I just have one thing to say : just as Apple created fake iPhone prototypes, there must be fake final Leopards. Thus, there's no need, say, for a Final Cut Developer to know the secret features. By extension, there's no need for a Mail developer to know the changes in Safari. Seen like that, the delay of Leopards allow all the developer to know what's happening.
  15. iLux

    NO "Top Secrets"

    He's not an Apple developer, he is just a Mac developer. Huge difference…