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    Trouble installing NVIDIA cards

    Hello. I can't get my NVIDIA cards to work with iDeneb 1.5.1 10.5.7. I decided to use an NVIDIA 8500 pci-e card but it puts the monitor to sleep when trying to load osx in normal and safe mode(it works fine in Windows). I have another NVIDIA card and it does the same thing (monitor goes to sleep). Does anyone have any idea what i could do to fix this? Is it possible my PC only works with ATI cards? My integrated ATI Radeon HD 3200 is able to boot in both normal and safe mode but without QE and has low resolution. Its an AMD Phenom II X4 processor. If you need more information please tell me. Edit: It was a driver issue. Now i'm stuck with no way to get into normal mode with QE.
  2. Sorry for reviving an old thread but this is the only thread that covers this topic. I am also having the type of error mentioned above. I am able to install and boot into safe mode but whenever i boot normally it always hangs on "NTFS volume name Gateway, version 3.1". I attached a screen shot (bad quality but its the best i could do). Does anybody have an idea on what could be causing this? Edit: It appears to be a graphics card issue.
  3. BinaryMadman

    Drivers for Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT - Success

    I don't know if this post belongs here but i didn't have permissions to start a new thread so i'll give this a shot. I haven't been able to try any of these methods with my BFG Geforce 9400 GT because i can't get it to boot in safe mode with this graphic card installed. Before i installed the card i could boot in safe mode and access the desktop with my integrated card (ATI Radeon HD 3200). For some reason, when booting with -x -v, i see after it says "NTFS volume label Gateway, version 3.1" the monitor turns black and looks like if it is in sleep mode (blinking power led on monitor). Did anyone else experience this while installing? Would an overheated card do this? When i pulled it out after the failed attempt to get it to work it felt pretty hot. The card works fine on Windows btw.