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  1. Errors encountered while starting up the computer

    Hi there, can please anyone help me? Or send me a link or something? I really don't know where to start.
  2. Errors encountered while starting up the computer

    Hi there, now i finally found some time. Here is a screenshot of my logs. Which one could help?
  3. Hi guys, I am on OSX 10.6.8 and really like it. But as it seems I need some fine tuning for my laptop. I guess it is a DSDT issue... Here (http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=275184&st=100) is the story of my installation process. Besides the webcam and some booting problems everything works fine. Right now I don't care about the webcam. I don't use it often. The main problem is: the system sometimes boots up fine, and sometimes freezes with the well-known grey screen with the "off-button-symbol". Ok, can you please tell me where to start to analyze this problem? Which logs would you like to see? Where can I find them? I will post them here as soon as I know what you need. Thanks!
  4. Errors encountered while starting up the computer

    How can I determine where the error comes from? Is there an error log??
  5. Errors encountered while starting up the computer

    Only the webcam. I'll try to fix it some time. One more question: I have a ICH9 on the mainboard (looked it up in Win7). And LatinMacG modified my DSDT so that it runs as ICH8. Why? I am running into "blue screens" sometimes, i.e. I am forced to shutdown/reboot because the multi language popup comes up and nothing works any more and I am forced to shutdown. Is that because my DSDT is still not 100% correct? Otherwise am very content with Mac OS and I use it instead of Win7 now. I also like the high quality apps and easy overview of installation paths and installation procedures Think my next laptop/tablet is gonna be from Apple ;-)
  6. Errors encountered while starting up the computer

    Well, I made it! I startet from DVD "Restored" my running OS X to another HFS+ partition, erased OS X and restored back from HFS+. It worked! Thanks anyway for your support here!
  7. Errors encountered while starting up the computer

    1) Ok, I am copying right now from my running Max OS to my empty HFS+ all the files that are in / including hidden files. Is that correct? Or will it skip files that are currently "in use"? Have I forgotten anything? 2) After the copy action I want to erase my running partition and copy the files back (from [let's name it] HFS+ partition). I will do this by booting from Mac OS DVD. OK? 3) I am confused how to install Chameleon now. I found a guide, but it implies a running system. But I will delete my Mac OS partition after copying has finished. How do I install Chameleon then? By booting with Mac OS DVD and running commands in Terminal? 4) Do I have to consider anything because of my multi boot or will Chameleon work just as it did before without messing up my MBR? Thanks by the way for your help. I appreciate it!
  8. Errors encountered while starting up the computer

    Hm, they're talking of Win7 all the time. I don't quite know if that will help me. Do you think I could make a backup with time machine on an empty partition, boot with Mac OS DVD, erase my current Mac OS and restore the one I backed up before? Will it then be bootable? Or will it mess up Chameleon? EDIT: Just tried it, but after choosing the backup it tells me: You can't restore this backup because it was created with a different Mac model. (see screenshot) What else can I try? Install 10.6.3 and then merge??
  9. Errors encountered while starting up the computer

    Ok guys, I fixed my trackpad with a kext from osx86. Scrolling horizontally and vertically works now (after turning it on in trackpad system settings). The driver that works for my synaptics touchpad can be found here (only download TRACKPAD.SYNAPTIC-GESTURE.zip): http://www.osx86.net...VNUVVJFLnppcA== I also want to share the other drivers that work well for my Samsung Q210: Here is my Marvell Yukon 88e8055 kext: IONetworkingFamily.kext.zip Here is my Atheros AR5B91 driver (the native from 10.6.8 wouldn't activate with boot, so I just use the one from 10.6.3 Retail which works like a charm): Apple80211Monitor.bundle.zip And here is my Bluetooth kext, making it possible to deactivate BT: IOBluetoothFamily.kext.zip Sleep enabler for 10.6.8, copy to /Extra/Extensions and restore permissions (e.g. with pfix in Terminal if you installed it): SleepEnabler.kext.zip The only open hardware issue is: Integrated Webcam by Syntec (USB2.0 UVC) The only open software issue: Mac OS doesn't recognize the real free space on the partition! => Solved, read on. It says: Capacity: 47.66 GB Free: 1.44 GB USED: 14.85 GB Does anyone know how to fix this? This occurs I guess after restoring my Clonezilla backup onto a formatted hfs+ partition. Please help. Google isn't that friendly because the problem is quite special.
  10. Bump! Anyone a hint, tool or terminal command to correct it? I am running out of space although there are 25 more gigs!
  11. Errors encountered while starting up the computer

    Hm? So what am I supposed to do now? I just would like to use the old driver... Which one is it? Another question: after a restore of Mac OS with Clonezilla onto a larger partition Mac OS still "thinks" it is a small one. I.e. "only 4 GB free space" instead of "25 GB free space" as it should be. How can I make it recognize the correct partition/free space size?
  12. Errors encountered while starting up the computer

    Hey guys, can you tell me, which driver is responsible for the touchpad? I want to restore the driver from 10.6.3 because it worked OOTB just fine. After update it fails frequently, even with the driver you posted here before. I'll try it with the "old" one. Can you tell me what I have to replace?
  13. Hi everyone, I formerly made a backup of my 10.6.8 rig. It used to have 16 GB of which 12 were used. Then I decided to enlarge the partition and restore the backup. Now afterwards I recognized that Mac OS doesn't recognize the larger partition. Instead it still tells me that there are only 4 GB free space and not about 25 GB! Can you tell me how to make Mac OS recognize the real free space on that partition? As backup Software I used Clonezilla from Parted Magic live CD.
  14. Errors encountered while starting up the computer

    OK, I set my BIOS. As for Webcam: Vendor 174F => Integer = 5967 Device ID (PID) 5913 => Integer = 22803 Regards.
  15. Errors encountered while starting up the computer

    Ah cool, I will try to activate Speedstep in BIOS and see whether it boots up! What about ACHI Mode? Shall I leave it on "Enabled"? One more success: I managed to be able to deactivate my Bluetooth! I had to edit the kext file IOBluetoothFamily (put the correct PID for my device). I only had to change one single character! The Broadcom Vendor ID is 0A5C, hence as Decimal in the kext it should be 2652, this was correct. So I checked the device ID/PID and it says 2101, so as Decimal in the kext there should be 8449 but there wasn't! There only was 8448 so I changed it to 8449, deleted the Extensions.mkext in /Extra and rebooted with -f flag. Baam! I'm able to deactivate BT now! Soon I will post my Marvell Yukon 88e8050 kext and the Broadcom Bluetooth kext for other people with same issues who read this thread.