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  1. Nvidia EVGA GTX660 and High Sierra

    I noticed serious problems with HiDPI mode as well, to the point where I define it as unusable. After some time of working the UI gets really laggy, I mean so laggy that even the mouse pointer get stuck on the screen for a tiny moment. Switching back to non-HiDPI makes all problems go away. I noticed this behavior on my old Kepler GTX 780 as well as on my Pascal GTX 1060.
  2. I recently had to update to Sierra and my VDADecoder stopped working. My previous setup was a HD4600 + GTX 960, iMac.kext for RenderID and platform-id 0d220003. I switched out the GTX 960 in favour of a GTX 1060. In order to get the RenderID back I modified the iMac.kext and added a GP100 IOPropertyMatch for Pascal: Sadly, now the nVidia WebDriver refuses to load and I do not know why. Is my modification of iMac.kext right? Do I miss something?
  3. My bad, I got it working now. Naming of IGPU was correct but it as it seems Xcode .plist editor screwed the data field up. I edited it again using Plist Editor Pro and now it works pretty well with the GTX 960 and web drivers. I know it's a bit off-topic, but do you know if Apple plans to support HEVC hardware decoding? The current Skylake (partial/8bit) and upcoming Kaby Lake (full/10bit) CPUs have support for it.
  4. That's totally correct, decoding is performed by the Intel HD 4600, my question is why it works when my GTX 780 is plugged in while it doesn't work when I use my GTX 960. I do not try to override any setting, so using the old Kepler works OOB while Maxwell does not at all (using iMac.kext only throws different errors).
  5. When using my GTX 780, both default drivers as well as web drivers work without any problem. When I switching to my GTX 960 (while using web drivers) it stops working because of the hardware decoding fails. I downloaded the iMac.kext and filled in the values mentioned in the FAQ (for both VP3 and VP4, without any space) but it keeps dysfunctional. Neither HD4600 decoding nor nVidia decoding works when the GTX 960 is plugged in.