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    [Guide] Install OSX Lion Dell XPS m1530

    Seems to be a problem other M1530 users have too. On boot it freezes on [PCI configuration begin] seems to be an issue with AppleACPIPlatform.kext. reverting to a previous version solves it but you may then have a another hang on "waiting for root device". This can be resolved by rebuilding the caches from a terminal window by using a usb boot drive for example. I havent tried this yet but have been finding out from other sources on Insanelymac. Think i might stick 10.7.3 until i know more about it.......
  2. eeradikator

    [Guide] Install OSX Lion Dell XPS m1530

    I didn't have time to investigate further and just restored from an image. Will try Update again and let you know where it is failing. Just wondering if others had the same problem.
  3. eeradikator

    [Guide] Install OSX Lion Dell XPS m1530

    How did you install the 10.7.4 update? I used software update and could no longer boot? Did you use combo update? Did you just install and it worked or did you have to do anything post install to get it working again? e.g. broadcom wireless kext reinstall? I am keen to get mine up to 10.7.4. thx