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    Fermi 5XX works with Lion DP4/GM!

    Thanks for this info, I have my system up and running with Lion using only one of my 560ti cards. Does anyone have everything working with 2 GTX 560's installed? Once I plug in my 2nd card my system only boots to a white screen..... Any bright ideas anyone?
  2. chris512

    Completely Black Screen, Post Installation

    Sounds like you haven't set your osx partition as active... Boot back into your install disk and type "diskutil list" into terminal. There's loads of guides on here that tell you what to do next. Let us know how it goes...
  3. Thanks so much for this, it sorted the artifacts on my widgets and also lets me run geekbench! Thanks again...
  4. Has anyone got Speedstepping working on their X58A UD7? I have BIOS Rev 6. I've tried reading some threads on editing my DSDT.aml but that's a bit over my head. I have my i7 930 overclocked to 4.1ghz and it runs a bit hot without the Speedstepping. I'd really appreciate some help....
  5. Here's one for the clever people, on ebay people are selling isight cams from Macbooks quite cheap. I was wondering how hard it would be to convert the connector to a USB so I could put them around my flat and use them as a security system through my Mac Hack system. Is this even possible, anyone know how to do this? Presumably once connected to the computer OSX will pick them up as isight cams and they would work right? Getting web cams for Snow Leopard is a nightmare and expensive. I have a Logitech but it has a terrible frame rate...
  6. chris512

    How to: ATI 4850 working on SL

    Just a quick thank you to everyone on this thread, after 7 hours and many tantrums my 4850 is rocking along nicely on my Vanilla 10.6.1 system Thanks again...... It turned out my i386 flag in my boot.plist said 1386 instead of i386...... I guess this meant it was booting into 64bit instead of 32bit and that's why the kexts weren't loading? Anyway, all good now
  7. chris512

    Any Success on an Asus P5B?

    Hi Brewers, Can you install the Chameleon/EFI 10 to a seperate partition on the hard drive you install SL to? Or does it have to go on the same partition? I have my Leopard 10.5.8 on a drive with Chameleon RC2 on a seperate partition and that works really well for me. It'd be good to be able to do the same with SL. I have loads of Sata drives kicking about so no shortage of space! Thanks in advance......
  8. I'm using Chameleon 2 RC along with the Munky method on my Asus P5B Deluxe and just installed Chameleon 2 RC to the efi partition on my Dell xps 1530 without any problems what so ever. I compile an mkext of my kexts and put it into the Extra folder manually with Terminal. It's a bit of a faff but easy enough if you type carefully. I don't remember what my bios setting on my Asus is but I think I have it set to IDE. I'll check when I get home..... Just install a retail Leopard via a Boot 132 cd and then install Chameleon once you've re-booted after install. If I remember right, dsmos.kext, disabler.kext and appledecrypt.kext will be enough to get a boot into Leo from Chameleon.........
  9. Just install iDeneb with the minimum you can and then use the Sonotone Dell installer pack to get everything else working. You don't need to reinstall now though, you can run the Sonotone pack with what you have. The sound may take some work but I can let you have my kexts if you get stuck. The link to the Sonotone pack is: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...66&hl=m1530 Just use the 1.4.1 version. That should give you all you need. As for the wifi, pretty much everyone is installing the Dell wireless G internal card to get wifi. It works without any additional kexts as an airport card. There's room for 2 cards in the xps1530 but I removed the Intel one anyway. It won't be any better than the usb one you have but means you don't have to keep plugging it in Hope this helps.
  10. Thanks guys, It works now, I just installed it again using kext helper instead of osx86 tools. Not sure what difference it makes but who cares! I have sleep again Thanks again...
  11. Hi Talisman, I made the edits that Superhai talks about but when I did it I noticed that the number under my string cfbundleversion is 3.2.5 where as in the superhai readme it says it should be 3.1.5. Is this a problem? Thanks for your help. <key>CFBundleVersion</key> <string>3.2.5</string> <key>OSBundleCompatibleVersion</key> <string>1.0</string>
  12. chris512

    [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    Has anyone got sleep to work on the xps 1530 after the 10.5.6 update? It worked with the Superhai kext in 10.5.5 but no longer functions.... can someone please help?
  13. Has anyone managed to get sleep working on a Dell XPS 1530 after the 10.5.6 update? The Superhai kext doesn't work for me anymore. Can anyone help me please?