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    Apple TV - What we know so far.

    Ok. I just have one request. Could someone mount a network drive, rename the AppleTV media folder, and create a symbolic link in its place... that points to the network drive? I'd like to confirm the possibility of putting in a startup script that switches the Apple TV's media folder between the network drive and its local drive, depending on availability (or even if it can't "auto-detect/switch"). I can see going a step further, and perhaps making TV Shows & Podcasts go to one network share, and Movies and Music to another just using symbolic links. I know iTunes doesn't know the difference between a symbolic link and a "real" folder, so Apple TV shouldn't either. Doing that, and guaging performance over the network would be very informative. I don't have an Apple TV yet, so I can't test this myself. Everyone's spending time getting web browsers running, but I'd really just like to see network drive access from INSIDE of the Apple TV Frontrow application. I wouldn't really be concerned about upgrading the internal HD, if this isn't a problem. Thanks.