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  1. yes. worth a shot. you can easily change in SSDT-PS2K-T460.dsl and recompile it.
  2. i wonder if you should try the older VoodooPS2 kext? sorry i dont have a way to test anything or if there is a issue with these params? <key>BogusDeltaThreshX</key> <integer>100</integer> <key>BogusDeltaThreshY</key> and new kext... i had to increase these values from 100 to like 800 on my T420? what does the trackpad behave like? on my T420 the cursor would move very jerky unless i moved very very slow. then i increased these values and no problem?
  3. ok got it now. just re-created zip release and it should have PS2K and HACK dsl and aml files in sync.
  4. @verleihnix sorry about that! i have just pushed a new zip to GitHub with those items fixed.
  5. the more recent version of bundle has a new SSDT-T460-PS2K which now has a bunch of override settings. which make it easier to fiddle with versus messing with kext info.plist files. Note: The value TP-RP02 has no use or significance - other than maybe he used it to match with to VoodooPSController kext profiles? I was setting value T460 and there is a matching profile in the VoodooPS2 kexts. but now the values are in the SSDT too.
  6. well you can see my zip for sleep watcher and scripts i was using. on EFI - maybe just post the delta - ie diffs from the T460 zip?
  7. @franksanderdo b) ethernet - i seem to recall having troubles with this too. so started using sleep watcher to turn it on/off c) HDMI - i wonder if this port connected to the disabled discrete gfx ?
  8. Congrats Frank. i have your dsdt bundle and will push out to github soon. any other items to include? config.plist or kexts? like audio is differnent right?
  9. tluck

    Clover General discussion

    IMO (and experience) /Library/Extensions (vs SLE ) tends to be the better option for 3rd party (for things not macOS installed) - that is if you need to put them in the OS (vs ESP with clover injection) - as some kexts seem to only work this way. Otherwise if you have no version dependent kexts - which is common if are booting recent OS such as Sierra and High Sierra, then EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other keeps it simple.
  10. tluck

    Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

    @superReaper - ok. i will retest on Sierra. well i boot sierra with all kext in ESP and i didnt have an issue?
  11. you get it here: https://github.com/tluck/AppleALC there are not many differences between this kext and the original branch - the big thing would be in controllers.plist where I add more patches for the FB. - otherwise i added options for ThinkPad Docks for T460 and T420
  12. @verleihnix - well everything should be there - execpt 1 thing: i had forgotten about the USB Fix. that is not in the most recent pack. but I just added to SSDT-HACK-T460.dsl for the next push. $ cat SSDT-HACK-T460.dsl DefinitionBlock ("", "SSDT", 2, "T460", "HACK", 0x00000000) { External (\_SB.PCI0, DeviceObj) // (from opcode) External (\_SB.PCI0.LPC, DeviceObj) // (from opcode) External (\_SB.PCI0.XHC.PMEE, FieldUnitObj) External (\_SI._SST, MethodObj) // 1 Arguments (from opcode) External (ZPTS, MethodObj) // 1 Arguments (from opcode) External (ZWAK, MethodObj) // 1 Arguments (from opcode) Method (_PTS, 1, NotSerialized) // _PTS: Prepare To Sleep { If (0x05 == Arg0) { // fix "auto start after shutdown" \_SB.PCI0.XHC.PMEE = 0 Return (Zero) } ZPTS (Arg0) } Method (_WAK, 1, NotSerialized) // _WAK: Wake { If ((Arg0 < One) || (Arg0 > 0x05)) { Arg0 = 0x03 } Local0 = ZWAK (Arg0) \_SI._SST (One) Return (Local0) } }
  13. tluck

    Clover General discussion

    @chris1111 Sorry yes Clover 4446 - i am chronic updater!
  14. tluck

    Clover General discussion

    FYI ... I just update my Sierra 10.12.6 build to latest security patch 2018-002 and didn't have issue with bogus/apple icons?
  15. tluck

    Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

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