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  1. AGDenton

    9800GX2 working full (qe/ci)

    In other words, you've got a flashable, 9800GX2 ROM? Or one that you can setup the card with once the rest of the computer is already in OSX?
  2. AGDenton

    9800GX2 working full (qe/ci)

    Could you post the driver you added to rEFIt to make it setup the card properly? I'd like to try this at home with a 8800.
  3. Hi all, Recent builds of Leopard indicate there have been changes in the H.264 part of QuickTime. The current encoder and decoder are falling way behind the (open-source) competition in terms of supported features, meaning that you can encode, with about 20% more efficiency than with QT, streams that it won't be able to decode... The decoder side is currently handled by the Perian Quicktime component (in its SVN builds), and a few components have been meaning to incorporate the best free encoder (x264) in QT the same way. I'm working on one of these myself. The thing is, if a fully-featured H.264 implementation is coming down next June, there's no point in losing my time right now ! So could someone please describe to me what the QT H.264 encoding options window looks like in 9A377A ? To see it, try to export a movie in QT Player, choose "Sequence to QuickTime Sequence", hit Options, then Options again in the video panel, and select H.264 in the drop menu. Particular things of interest would be "CABAC" or "High Profile". If you can take a screenshot, that'd be great. Thanks in advance ! AG
  4. AGDenton

    ATI ioreg dumps

    Something else that might be of use : I've put a PC X1900XT (with a non-EFI-compatible VGABIOS) in the MacPro's second graphics slot and dumped its ioreg. Comparing it with the Apple card's ioreg, it shouldn't be too hard to figure out what exactly needs to be set. Good luck :-) ioreg__PC_Card.txt
  5. AGDenton

    ATI ioreg dumps

    As asked, I'm adding two more dumps, this time with only one single-DVI monitor plugged either in port 0 or 1. Enjoy ! ioreg_dvi_port0.txt ioreg_dvi_port1.txt
  6. AGDenton

    ATI ioreg dumps

    Connector 0 : Dual-DVI, one Apple 30" Cinema display connected. Connector 1 : Single DVI (no more than 1920x...), one Hercules Prophetview 920 connected. Both displays are DVI.
  7. AGDenton

    ATI ioreg dumps

    Hi, I've got a MacPro with a X1900XT now, but I used OSx86 for a long time before that . So I figured I'd help those interested in using a Titan-like solution for their ATI cards by providing the single-user mode ioregs of my computer. I have attached two files : the first is the relevant bit of my ioreg, with a monitor attached to the X1900XT, and was taken in single-user mode. The second one was taken with two screens attached, but after startup : the second monitor isn't initialized in SU mode. Hope it helps someone ! AG ioreg.txt ioreg_2scr.txt
  8. AGDenton

    Latex, fink, darwinports, lamer0 is down

    mehve, Gabriel Wenda' s gwTeX distribution works all right. First, you have to update iInstaller itself to a Universal Binary version from the Experimental directory, then install the gwTeX 2005 UB distribution from the same directory. The fact that it doesn't work comes from its having been compiled for 10.4.2. Maxxus has released a patch (replaces your kernel) that will allow you to bypass the restriction Apple put to prevent you from running it (available from this site). I recommend that you manually uninstall the Darwinports distrib before you do this (that caused me endless problems). Finally, a very good text editor that's a universal binary is TextMate. It has a more-than-useful LaTeX bundle that allows, among other things, for forward and backward synchronisation between source and view. For that, you'll also have to install the TeXniscope viewer (not UB, but the source is available, so one could recompile it). Hope that was helpful.
  9. AGDenton

    Maxxuss Exec_10.4.2 Patch

    Hello ! Just ran the patch on my computer, I have a working Colloquy. Great job ! I'm going to test it with the universal binaries of gwTeX, which I suspect were also compiled with 10.4.2. AGD EDIT : It works.. You just made my day.