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    Music...music...music...( I play the Saxophone ) and I'm a sys admin for job and passion.
  1. Really weird ... in my 8540w i5 have the WWAN mini PCI-e! I do not have to disassemble the keyboard! I just need to loosen a screw under the cover of a notebook! Do you have this? Ebay
  2. I dont have IDT Audio! But i wanna try the AppleHDA method
  3. Yeah in S/L/E I remove totally AppleHDA and i dont use ssdt tables! If you want i send you my IORegistrydump!
  4. I have two problems! If i do not start with the value-f I have no kernel panic but a block immediately after loading VoodooHDA crashes immediately after loading pin configuration. As for the battery there are times that works others are not fully charged or remains fixed on a percentage!
  5. Unfortunately Your VoodooHDA it does not work for me! I think something will change on i7 model!! On i5 the only way to make it work is change in IOPCIClassMatch 0x04fffffffff etc etc in IOPCIMatch 0x3b568086 but this have a problem! The only way not to have a kernel panic is -f Could you tell me your exact model?
  6. Broadcom that work (im not very sure) is a BCM 94324 A/G! But try this method Topic Pin 20 im looking for bios hack!
  7. For the bios hack I have lost hope. Much of the information that I found does not give good hopes. On the site MyDigitalLife all tests that have on 8540w have cut just a brick. I have try all...20-pin, hot PCI-exchange and did not work. Hopefully later! The only solution would put a BCM93224 A / G, but in this case should be used to change the pin 20.
  8. SaxMachine

    AppleHDA working in Toshiba Qosmio X500-14D

    Same codec...same problem...same question!
  9. chofete you could say the solution that you have found for the audio? I have 8540w but model i5
  10. SaxMachine

    [Aiuto] Tastiera Hp 530

    Hai controllato da bios? Hai controllato che non ci sia un tasto fisico che lo disabiliti?
  11. SaxMachine

    [AIUTO] Samsung R580 - installazione OSX 10.6.6

    Ce ne sono quanti ne vuoi...basta solo cercarli qui sul forum o meglio ancora guardare la compatibilità di chi ha scritto qualcosa sul wiki! http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
  12. SaxMachine

    [Aiuto] Tastiera Hp 530

    Ernesto ti consiglio anche Google come amico fedele e risolutivo a tutti i problemi MilleComandi!
  13. SaxMachine

    [Aiuto] Tastiera Hp 530

    Ti ripeto segui questa discussione avete avuto gli stessi identici problemi! http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=247163
  14. SaxMachine

    [Aiuto] Tastiera Hp 530

    Beh ma collega un mouse e una tastiera usb...poi il resto lo risolvi!
  15. SaxMachine

    [Aiuto boot] problemi di boot su hp 4520s

    Facevamo prima se venivo a fartelo io Mio caro è arrivato il momento di dirti cominciamo ad usare il tasto "ricerca" Anche perchè non so le specifiche dei tuoi componenti... in firma mancano sia il lettore che la scheda audio! Fammi sapere e vediamo se posso aiutarti in qualche modo a risolvere anche questi!