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  1. on motherboard device: intel core2duo e4500 2,20 ghz 800mhz 2gb oem ram pc5300 333 mhz gigabyte nvidia 8500gt 512mb 128bit onboard sound 4 sata device sata1 samsung 200 gb hdd sata2 samsung sh-222ab dvd-w sata3 seagate 500gb 2,5" hdd sata4 samsung sh-s203p dvd-w no ıo device try few bios adjustment: jmicron sata controller disable ide device disable hpet: disable/enable sata 2,3 unplug serial and paralel port disable can you help me other macos x version example i have snow leopard 10A432 Golden Master disk, 10.5.6 retail disk from hot009,iatkos_v1_r2, 10.6.6 disk hacked by hazard,10.4.6 x86, iatkos_s3_v2, iatkos v7 10.5.7, please help i want whıchever one mocosx version
  2. bios setup menu: onboard device setup: all ide drive=disable jmicron controller=disable ıeee 1394=disable paralel and seri port=disable power setup: hpet=disable altough i cant install ... my problem ıs still waitıng root device PLEASE HELP ME
  3. thanks to answer my question my system spec_: mobo: asus p5ne-sli cpu: intel e4500 2.20 ghz ram: 2gb oem pc5300 display card: gigabyte GV-NX85T512HP 512mb 128bit dx10 200gb sata samsung hdd + 500gb 2,5 seagate hdd sata 2 sata samsung dvdwriter(sh222ab+sh-s203p) im trying to disable ide drive,firewire ... but i couldnt,, i read a lot of post related in install macosL1 in this mobo but i dont understand how can i install some people said that install kext for nforce650i but i dont understand how can i install kext files in the terminal... other people said that write some install code in the terminal but i couldnt fix this problem PLEASE HELP ME PLEASEEEEE..........
  4. few days im trying to install macosx several version but i couldnt install it ... when i triying to install iatkoL1 , it show me have problem on -v display and i couldnt fix it... my problem in this image http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/526/p1070768s.jpg/
  5. hi ... ı have a question? i have the same yours system but i can't install macosx aitkos l1... can you tell me how can i setup this software (what must i write in the terminal) i hope you can understand me mobo: p5ne-sli processor: intel e4500 2 gb ram gigabyte gtx8500 512mb display card