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  1. Atheros AR5005(G)

    Pure genius!!! My Toshiba Hackintosh is 97% combat effective!! Thanks again!
  2. How to patch?

    So where is this button? I can't seem to find it.
  3. Toshiba Laptop install problems

    I got it installed on VMware!! No WL support and a little sluggish, but at least it installed!! Now, anybody got a good method for getting it to boot on it's own? In other words, natively? When I try to add my physical partition to the VMware virtual machine, the os install disk cannot see the partition. After installation, the Mac OS sees the drive. Yes, I have the drive formatted fat32. It's size is 7 gb, (as per suggestion by the forums here). My guess is a line command to make the OS see my true IDE drive at the istallation boot that I am omitting. It (OSX installation disk) only sees the virtual drive at install. Any suggestions from the thinktank here? Any help would be appreciated...
  4. Jas 10.4.6 freezes on boot

    Where did you find this customize feature?
  5. Toshiba Laptop install problems

    Any one else want to take a stab? Again, I am willing to pay for help. Thanks in advance...
  6. Toshiba Laptop install problems

    Yep...tried that way...I have been brooding about this for a few days.... Keep getting the same thing... Thanks for responding...
  7. Toshiba Laptop install problems

    This is a shame...for I have seen in this and other forms on the wen that Satellites very close to my model are working... BOOHOO...I want to gew this working somehow...
  8. I cannot get this installed.... I have a Toshiba a75 s 276 laptop. (Circa 2005) Mobile Intel p4 3.20 ghz 1 gb ram 80 gig hd ATI 9100 IGP chipset ATI radeon 9000 video card I have followed every tutorial I can find and get the same thing every time... I get to the Grey Apple and get the Circle with the line through it. When I do the -v start up I get a long pause and then.... "Still waiting for root device" It just repeats this line over and over... I have tried doing this install burning with DVD decrypter, Nero. I have tried the mounting on Alcohol 120 I have done the VMware thing.... I have tried 10.4.6 (Jas and Generic) 10.4.8 All end with a root device for the machine to wait for...or... "Still waiting for root device" So my questions are.... Should I be typing anything else other than "-v" at the install prompt? Did I just not see that my hardware was incompatable with the os? Am I using the worng version of the install DVD for my laptop? Did I miss any questions? I really want to get this working. I am even willing to pay someone to help me on this. Thanks for helping this newbie!!