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    Hotspot Shield in 10.6

    10.6.8 Build 10K549 ... I had to ditch Hotspot shield altogether. It was causing lots and lots of spinning disk of death episodes.
  2. Toryalai Hart

    Is there a database program ?

    The last time I looked into this, 4D was the only real viable solution in terms of a package that packed some serious power. I looked them up again and it seems that they're really web oriented now in terms of db structures but I don't see that as a bad thing -- since I'm sure that you can run it in a local shell environment. Check it out http://www.4d.com/products/4dv12/4ddevstandard.html
  3. Toryalai Hart

    What is "mdworker"? (40%+ CPU)

    I had also been on witch hunt for quite some time to fight off the spinning disk of death... and in the end, spotlight was the culprit. 1. While I'm sure that chipping away at potentials has helped, ultimately putting my photos (why index files named DSC232122?!) and emails (I search those in mail... not spotlight) onto the private list for spotlight fixed a 5 month long saga of angst and rage at my poor MacBook pro which I purchased full loaded less than a year ago and was becoming unusable. I mention these two folders here as good candidates to exclude because in my case: Usr/Pictures: 39GB in 1,227 items Usr/Library/Mail: 24GB in 152,215 items As you can imagine, when spotlight stupidly started indexing while I was clearly using the machine... it became unusable and I... well... @^#%*!%!!!! 2. I also then came across this neat post in which the user suggests that deletion of your old spotlight index results in more processor efficient indexing: http://coolestguypla...c-os-x-lion-107 Ideally, I wish that OSX would at least wait until the machine was not in use by a human for X amount of time before initiating is spotlight index rebuild... and even then, limit how much processing power it's allowed to hog!