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  1. Hey Guys, Sorry I took off for a few days, Holiday and all. Just thought I would weigh in on the wireless thing, as my experience is that it will not connect to an "n" system, but it will to a "g". Also, I have read that it will work if you use WPA on an "n" instead of WEP. I have not tried that as I have not changed my system. Really should, better security and all. Warren
  2. Take a look at these results for comparison Open GL and User Interface are the killers..By the way, We should search the IONITX threads for results from the Zotac.macmini.html So here is a Zotac to compare, Seems we aren't so bad!Zotac.html
  3. Hello breathless, thanks for finishing off my build, as I have been working on mine for about 3 weeks. Had that Dsdt for a couple of weeks, but never had the guts to use it, didn't want to mess up my dual book with a reinstall. I actually lost about 10% on my xbench score, but having proper USB is worth it! Speaking of xbench, Open GL and user interface are waaay low compared to a mac mini with the 9400M, we really need to find a way to bump those up, (OpenGL Graphics Test 20.50 & User Interface Test 19.59) any thoughts, or are yours better? Thanks again!
  4. Can you post a link or send me that special bios? I have been reading and searching on this topic for a week, as I have the same computer. Still waiting for root device! I loaded the OS on another computer, then removed the drive from the enclosure and installed it into the Foxconn, and booted OK But, "EHCI controller unable to take control from the BIOS" Stops me. I'm using a patched kernel and arch=i386 to boot.