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  1. Resize MBR partition

    Had been searching many times within the past year on how to do this becuz I somehow always need to change partition/space configurations - I experiment with my pcs too much- I've seen the method mentioned of GParted, iPartition also seems to perform this job (is this the only piece of software out there that does this?). I came across my own method using disk utility. It's not a real rezise, rather a deletion of old partitions and then setting up the partitions and formatting with desired sizes. I created a .dmg image of my current installation, using iPC 10.5.6 install disk and an external USB Drive (had to boot from the DVD with the drive attached before boot). Using Disk Utility I created the .dmg image saved to the ext. usb drive. Erased/Reformatted the Disk to the size I wanted. I added 20GB to the current size. Used the 'restore' tab after selecting the now empty partition specifying the .dmg image and the disk and hit the restore button. My current installation was copied from the .dmg to my newly prepared larger partition. Final stage : I had to boot again from the dvd, specifying the rootdisk - rd=disk*s* and re-installing Chameleon to the drive. After that I was able to boot from my MacOS X Partition with my install as it was when I made the .dmg Of course I came back to the web to see if anyone ever came across this solution - and I decided to post mine own results. For all those who have been looking, I hope this helps. Can't get XP to isntall and boot on the NTFS partition on the drive tho. Neither Vista. Win7 installs and works fine. Ah well. Good luck all. I'd b happy to help anyone having trouble with this.
  2. AMD 3700+ Clawhammer SKT 754

    I Also have a clawhammer but it doesn't work for me. Safari and all other browsers crash as well as iTunes. Which patches did u use? Also what was the install method. Oh and how did u do the resolution thing?
  3. SSE2 and SSE3 information PLEASE READ

    I also have an AMD 64 3000+ 754 but Rosetta doesn't work most Apps crash or don't open. Did u get it working? Also wondering if getting a Sempron 64 is a good replacement for this Clawhammer.