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  1. Bonjour à tous, J'aimerais faire un Dual Boot avec Windows 7 et Mac OSX Lion. Je possède déjà Windows 7. Voici ma question : Puis-je faire tourner Mac OSX Lion sur mon PC juste en créant une partition et en installant Lion dessus ? Si ce n'est pas possible, comment faire sans désinstaller Windows 7 ? Merci beaucoup pour votre aide !
  2. Ok, so I just have to wait to have my new pc with Hardware Virtualization ! Thank you anyway for your help !
  3. I understand, thanks so much ! EDIT : sorry, just a last question. Could you recommand me a version of Mac Osx Lion 10.7.2 which works surely with your soft ? I can't find the solution for my problem... Thanks a lot and I'm sorry...again...
  4. Ok, so I've tried this, and VMware with a grey background began to charge. Then, instead of the Apple logo, there is a crossed round : Hope you will have an answer... Good luck for your exams
  5. It's kinda hard, because I'm French, but I've read the thread entirely... And I've got the same message as Kurt Hectic, the 64-bit thing... I'm really sorry for these questions, but I'd really love to have Lion on my PC... Thanks a lot !
  6. Oh sorry, but Lion doesn't even boot, I see a black screen with "VMware" and then I've got the message...
  7. Thank for your answer very fast ! But how could I boot Lion in verbose mode ?
  8. Hello, I've got the same problem as Kurt Hectic with VMware 7.1.3 (324285). You don't have any solution ? I'd love to install Mac Osx Lion on my PC, I was happy because I tought I could bypass the hardware virtualization successfully, but no... Please help me. In any case, thanks a lot for your soft !