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  1. hello this is my first post on here. i had a working iATKOS L2 installation running on the following pc: asus p5e3 premium wifi @p on w/ Q6600 2.4 GHz 8 GB DDR3 RAM ATI Radeon 5700 HD everything worked right out of install. i had rebooted several times with no problems. the asus led monitor went into power saving mode and i had to manually restart the computer because i could not 'wake' it up. it now freezes at the apple logo on boot. verbose boot shows a normal startup with no errors of any kind. i have also tried to single user boot and ignore cache boot, but to no avail. BIOS power settings: Suspend mode -auto repost video on s3 resume - disabled acpi 2.0 support -disabled acpi apic support - enabled edit #2 errors found in -v Pthread support aborts when sync kernel primitives misused F718x: Fintek: Found unsupported chip ID=0xa0 REVISION=0x23