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  1. Hi guys ; As this website and forum was and still very helpful to me and for any one trying to install hac or even to know informations about hackintosh, so i write this topic to help each other by sharing our experiences this topic is for those who loading voodoohda.kext via loader to avoiding random kernel panic that might occurs from time to time, So using Voodoohda loader is very helpful the other thing is the script that enables SSE2 in VoodooHDA preference panel by adding the script after voodoo loader in starting up applications, it works well but sometimes SSE2 enabler script starts before voodooloader and we get error because there voodohda kext doesn't injected yet to system kexts this happens to me so i think if i could load SSE2 enabler after injecting voodoohda kext and also put it inside voodoohda loader itself so voodooHDA loader will take the two jobs: 1- loading (injecting) voodoohda.kext which is it's original job 2- enabeling SSE2 in voodoohda preference panel -- the new job and also we will only adding voodooloader to startup applications in the attachments you will find the new modified voodooloader installer and i also included voodoo preference panel The Idea: the idea is to include sse2 enabler script file inside voodooloader resources folder i called it checkSSE2.scpt then i asked voodooloader to run it immediately after loading VooodooHDA.kext file by adding those lines to kextLoader_ file before exit command osascript checkSSE2.scpt where checkSSE2.scpt is sse2 enabler script Notes: my audio card is via vt1708s and i uses voodooHDA.kext that works and this is what exists in voodoloader installer to use your voodooHDA.kext that works with your card simply: after installing voodooloader go to application folder and find VoodooLoader application then right click on it and choose 'show package contents' then navigate to 'Contents/Resources' and replace your voodooHDA.kext file with the existing one -- you can also replace it in voodooLoader installer, so any time you install it it will contains your kext -- this requires voodoo preference panel (assumed that you should have it already to enable sse2 earlier) i include it also in case you need it Any Quesition please ask, Or Comment with your suggestion i also posted this topic in tonymac Ahmed Saad, Egypt VoodooHDA.prefPane.zip VoodooLoader Installer.zip
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