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  1. Chameleon 2.4 svn

    Does iMessage works with this one? (Yosemite)
  2. ATI HD7850 on 10.8.5

    Olá, alguém sabe como instalar o kext dessa placa? Obrigado! Hello, does someone knows how to install that kext? Thanks!
  3. iMessage doesn't work on ML 10.8.2

    I tried the steps that you gave me, but I got a problem with the part of "root folder". Now I get the App Store with this message: "an unknow error has ocurred" I just didn't tried to login in a real mac... I think all this things about iMessage is a BIG DEAL, more than a bootloader... :/ Thanks for help!
  4. iMessage doesn't work on ML 10.8.2

    I did it, and now I can boot without my pen \o/ BUT iMessage doesn't work with chameleon also. I installed the module NVRAM.
  5. iMessage doesn't work on ML 10.8.2

    I followed all steps, but when I trying to boot I'm getting KERNEL PANIC with Clover also. I think something is wrong, everyone can use Chimera or Chameleon in 10.8. I can boot with only my pen with #####...
  6. iMessage doesn't work on ML 10.8.2

    Thanks for help, I can't boot my ML with chameleon v2.2 and, I'm getting KERNEL PANIC, and some says that I have to use it to fix iMessage. I've used a pen drive to boot my hack, that pen contains #####'s instalation...Actually I really don't know what is my bootloader. (doesn't show the name in screen) But, with this same loader I used iMessage before, like I said...so, can I fix it without chameleon 2.2 ? PS: EthernetBuiltIn=yes, and I tried fix it with fileNVRAM.dylib in modules.
  7. Hello, sorry for my english, I'm from Brazil... I have a hack a much longer, around 2, 3 years. I've used Lion, them a updated to 10.8.2 which always work 100%, and now I'm getting a problem: my iMessage does't work. It worked, but when I activated my account on my new iPhone (2 months ago), the iMessage just STOP... now I'm get that message (in image attached). PS: iCloud and Facetime works. If someone knows something about that, please, reply here. THANKS!