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  1. Stuck At The Grey Apple

    I had and still have this issue with my install. What I have to do is have the install DVD in the drive and have the bios set to boot off the CD. When I'm prompted to hit any key to install OSX or F8 for other options I hit F8 to bring up the Darwin prompt. Then I type 'rd=disk0s1' (without the ' of course) and then it works. Sucks I have to type that every time I boot but thats the price so far. Maybe this will work for you?
  2. [How To] X800 XL set up with working Display Manager and QE/CI

    Hi all, This is a really helpful thread and seems to me my only chance. Thanks. I'm using JaS 10.4.8 AMD Intel ISO with both the PPF patches. I have a nForce 4 chipset with AMD processor with an ATI 800XL card. Okay so my problem. I have a 800XL with a device ID the same as your s (554d). So I saw this guide and thought 'you beauty'. I follow the steps to install Callisto (I dont need to change the IOPCIMatch because I have the same device ID). I run all the terminal commands and reboot. Nothing happens. My resolutions stays the same. I tried editing the com.apple.Boot.plist but that doesn't do anything either. So I enter "Graphics Mode"="1280x1024x32" into the Darwin prompt on startup and that works (but I have to type it each time I boot, and performance seems slow). Anyway I continue... Part 2 I don't need to change anything as CallistoFB was already there. When I go to Hex edit ATIRadeon9700.kext I can't find the string so hence I can't replace anything. The string to replace in Info.plist with TextEdit is not there (I added it onto the end myself anyway). I ran the terminal commands. Nothing changes, no QE or CI. The only change was the one I made with the "Graphics Mode" command at the Darwin boot prompt). Any idea on this. I have the same card and device ID's as this guide, I would have thought I'd have it easy. Any help or insight would be much appreciated. Rick. P.S. Just in case it matters, I can't seem to get past the apple logo on startup unless I leave my JaS disk in, hit F8 when prompted and then enter 'rd=disk0s1 -v". That seems to be the only way I can get OSX to start. I wouldn't think this would effect anything done in this guide. @ Daviduco as the Callisto website is down, you can get older versions here http://ftp.max-systeme.com/ @ phoenix3200 you may want to update the original post with this URL as it took some digging to find it.