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  1. I have the same problem. "Errors encountered while starting up the computer." every time when I boot into OS X. Repair disk and repair permissions didn't help. What else could cause this error message? I didn't find a lot about it on the internet. Btw, I am using Iatkos 10.5.1 patched to v2/3.
  2. Hmm, that's strange, since I am running Vista Home Premium which doesn't require KB935509. As far as I know, KB935509 is only available for Vista Ultimate and Vista Enterprise. But you are right in that KB935509 changes the bootloader, so it might in fact cause problems on some dualboot configurations.
  3. I was wondering about the GMA950 part too. What exactly has been updated and what kind of advantages can we expect from it compared to the kexts used in other distributions (Kalyway/Iatkos)? Thanks for any info on this.
  4. Thanks for confirming that this was the problem for the failed SP1 installation. Let's hope that others with a similar problem will find this topic and benefit from the information that was posted.
  5. Thanks for posting your configuration. I was using the Darwin bootloader instead of the one from Vista, so that might have been the source of the problem.
  6. I have exactly the same problem. Is this issue Dell-related? I am running an Inspiron E1505/6400. Any suggestions for a workaround?
  7. Finally managed to install SP1! In the beginning, also the final release of SP1 didn't install successfully and the installation rolled back at 100%... The problem was indeed the dualboot installation of having both OS X and Vista on one drive. When I moved Vista from second primary partition to first primary partition and marked it as "active", SP1 finally managed to install...
  8. What are your specs? Dual-boot with OSX? Same harddisk? What kind of bootloader/selector do you use?
  9. You answered the question yourself. I know. Microsoft staff has confirmed that the March-version won't differ from the current RTM, so I expect the same problems later on. Ok. That's what I suspect too.
  10. I keep getting the same error when trying to install SP1 for Vista. Just before finishing the installation (100%) it stops with an error and reverts the whole process. I have tried many suggestions with no success: disabling Antivirus-software, 3rd party firewalls, Nokia PC-suite... Now I read one case where somebody with the same problems and error code (80004005) stated that it might have something to do with the Vista bootloader being updated by SP1. The whole process might fail if you have a dual-boot configuration (e.g. with Linux or OS X) and/or if you are using 3rd party bootloaders. Has anyone of you already tried SP1 RTM and faced the same problems?
  11. As has been posted many times, the sleep/wake trick does not work on GMA950 Dells.
  12. SpeedStep GUI

    Any news or updates?
  13. SpeedStep GUI

    @tuxx Great to hear! Looking forward to the update!
  14. Paste your sudo sysctl -a | grep freq output