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    Right now, getting Mac OSX to work on my Dell!
  1. Thanks for the welcome and help, James!
  2. Tutorial on how to install Hackintosh on a dell xps 17 L702X

  3. Subscribing.... I'm new to all of this and a new IT student as well. It looks like I'm going to be struggling with this little project! :/ I just got Ubuntu 11.10 installed last night and it isn't even working totally smooth. First install, a graphics card driver install crashed it; kept wanting to restart and I couldn't shut down. Next, my Logitech m505 mouse is bleeping out, had a dock crash, and Firefox clicked from the dock crashed and disappeared on second install! Yeah, so I can only imagine how crazy trying to put mac osx on here is going to be for a total n00b! :fear:
  4. Hi all..... New here and looking to learn all there is to know about Mac OSX and making it work on a PC. My first questions is, where can I find a direct link tot he latest DSDT extractor program?