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    Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

    Thanks tluck, good help I wondered if there's something essential with the usrsse2 version, since when I compile his version, keyboard and touchpad is not working, but when I use your kext it just works (I'm using xps 13) Edit : Hmm, I tried your source it still cannot run, but I think Im getting somewhere, your kext size is 296kb, but if i compile it in xcode, only 81 kb, is there something I'm missing? What I did : - download your git zip - extract - double click the xcode project - Cmd-B, and in the Products - VoodooPS2Controller.kext, open in finder and put it in S/L/E using KextUtility Solved : - Target in xcode must change to All/All Kext BTW tluck, do you know how to enable 4finger gestures ? Now it resulting the same gestures as 3finger gestures
  2. x4080

    Lenovo ThinkPad T420 with UEFI Only

    Hi, can the voodoo kext do tap-drag instead of left trackpad button click? Love this kext smooth and slow scroll (but I have to use smartscroll to make it fast) Thanks
  3. x4080

    macOS 10.12.1 is out!

    Hi syscl, did it works on your 9350 too? I use your keyboard kexts and seems the brightness still not working, but cool 3d touch thing though
  4. Hi syscl, Is the dsdt patch different from the regular dsdt patch for GFX0 -> IGPU? If not, will I need to patch it again the clover? Since it can boot normally (but with some issues, long story ) The lid wake up patch means when we open the laptop? or just power on? What I've tried : - Using regular DSDT patch for GFX0 -> IGPU (so not using our clover patch) - Using your lid wake up patch - Change the intel id graphics to 0x1926004 - use pmset -a hibernatemode 0 (is this still needed?) Result : - @cold boot, black screen and power off after apple progress screen in the middle, (I think its shutdown but its not, seems like go into sleep mode), when I press power button, it will light up and go into login screen - After sleep, when I open the lid, it wont run, until I press power button, and it will go into login screen - The wifi dongle I use is suddenly automatically reconnect (usually i have to remove and reinsert it), dont know if this because of your lid wake up patch (havent used your usb wake up fix patch yet) Strange things : - After woke up, when I put on the power adaptor, the screen will black and dont know what to do so I just press power until shutdown - Today it crashed after woke up and wifi working, about 5 secs it just restarted on its own Any tips ? Thanks for everything