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  1. Hello again, So yesterday I got my hands on 2 SSD drives! Thought it would be a great idea to RAID them together in the 0 config. I installed Sierra with no problems, however I cannot seem to boot from the RAID partition using normal clover methods. I just wondered if this was possible at all? The only way I can get into the OS is by using a USB stick to start off with. I also have 2 other drives in the machine both 1TB also in the RAID 0 config. Neither of which seem to show life after the machine powers on. Dell 780 core 2 Duo HD5450 Thanks in advance
  2. Thank you very much for the quick response, I really do appreciate the help you guys give! I'd be lost trying to figure this stuff out. I'll report back if that works either way! Wooohooo, I'm back in. Nice one, Polyzargone Thanks again.
  3. Hello sir, This is what appears after boot.
  4. Hello, Was just wondering if anybody else has had trouble with the new security update for Sierra. I am now unable to boot into the OS and get a panic very soon after powering on. I've tried updating to the latest Clover. I believe it's 4380 as I write this. That however has not helped matters! Was hoping to maybe get some ideas of what to try next. Thanks in advance. Oh and the offending machine is a 780 Core 2 Duo with a HD5450 graphics card.
  5. Ah yes, I just put them into S/L/E. I didn't even use kext util.
  6. Here is my config.plist. I also input the kextstat into Terminal and it did return a bunch of numbers. So I guess it does load up, just not correctly? config.plist.zip Kextstat.zip
  7. I'll have to try again later, can't even get my list to show up here! And I wouldn't know how to find out the output of kextstat. Sorry
  8. Thank you very much sir, I'm now into the os. And everything seems to look ok. However I've noticed that launchpad and Dashboard are very slow to respond. And it appears to have no graphics acceleration. Was wondering if I should maybe go back to the HD5450 graphics cards. Thanks again
  9. Hi guys, Having a little trouble with my fresh install of High Sierra. I'm getting to the point whereby I should see the opening screen. Choose language, username and location. But I end with an illuminated black screen. I've Installed clover in the ESP and it's version r4200. Had no trouble with the previous Sierra using the generic DSDT. It's a Radeon 6570 that I'm using. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  10. Yes I was lucky enough to read that the GT610 was no longer supported before I started the Sierra install. However I'm a bit gutted as I've been installing El Capitan for friends on various Dell Optiplex machines mainly 780 SFF. And most of them bought the GT610 on my recommendation, so I just hope they don't want to update too soon.
  11. You are a diamond sir, thank you very much. Its working. Sorry for my incompetence, I'm usually better than this!
  12. Woohoo, sorry I don't know why I didn't think to do that. I'm looking at my file and it looks like I may have found the HDEF. Doh! I'm still gonna send this though cos I'll probably mess mine up! DSDT.aml.zip
  13. Oh sorry I have this going on, Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file
  14. Hello, I'm using a 780 2.66GHz Quad and yes it was on the fly audio with clover. Thanks It doesn't look like I can add my file?