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  1. Hello Community! Greetings, As we all know for the long time we were searching for ketxt or graphic driver that can support graphic capability come with mac os x distro's,but,nothing has ever come to solve what we have tired for finding the one who could revel us from our pains,. For GMA4500 there seem to be one solution regarding resolution,: 1.Native resolution Method of patching...List available on this fourm...http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=221394 2.Qe/CI enabling...s 3.writing the driver by our self and save our ass from buying new laptop. I have vaio vgn-ns20e and i installed iaktosV7,,10.6.3 SL audio works,video works not QE/CI with full screen and 12800x800x32 resolution after i boot with "Graphics Mode"="1280x800x32" and installed codec for quick player....but,i have to always write this on boot command line....Guys,is there any other way that i can do it automatic ?...btw,i m new to mac os x... and,one last word...on boot menu with cameleon arse..boot loader...when i see video info i see 1280x800x32-16-18..choice with other resolution lists..what does it mean does the mac os x detect my graphic card.. if i can play video does it mean there will be easier to detect and enable my graphic card/driver functionally even if it GMA4500,any help pls...
  2. Hello,Community I m newbe to hackintosh technolgy and i tried to install snow leopard 10.6.3 Iatkos v3 wiht succuss,even if my graphic card was gma45000,i can be able to enjoy all the features,As you know the GMA4500 is the most common problem,since i was trying to get solutions ,posted in many fourms and tried many solution,but,whay we wouldn't write a driver for it bst one? why? please i need your response or who can i get a driver that work succusfully to my snow leopard? any latest solution you have? Vaio-VGnNS20E/S -model