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  1. Inspiron 580 over here! :D

    Well, left this a long time ago and just gave up. This is almost 100x harder than even Linux. Decided to possibly try again. =/
  2. Inspiron 580 over here! :D

    http://www.mediafire.com/?nb24q27h825465p Hope I uploaded it right. 10.6.7 as you told me to stay at.
  3. Inspiron 580 over here! :D

    Wireless still didn't work for some reason. Am I doing something wrong? I tried your tutorial in the past (A bit hard to read really. D:), but the after installing, the OS would never boot up.
  4. Inspiron 580 over here! :D

    Thank you. And what about the RAM and Display?
  5. Inspiron 580 over here! :D

    Do I need another Mac system to connect to it? Thanks. Hope to get internet working again.
  6. Inspiron 580 over here! :D

    Ok, I see. How? Thanks a lot. Sorry for all the trouble. http://pastey.org/185y2
  7. Inspiron 580 over here! :D

    It works when I boot up with the ModCD though. Yes it worked before. It says that no Ethernet Cards are installed. Oh, yeah I got it. Also, YouTube videos don't seem to show up, and pictures don't either. I can see the thumbnail and video. But press play or open the image and it's blank. White.
  8. Inspiron 580 over here! :D

    Downloading... Under "Kind" everything is just "Intel". Device ID: 0x68f9 UPDATE: Updated to 10.6.7. My processor is now detected with correct name in "About this Mac". The Default Chameleon Loader still has problems as it runs alright, but suddenly changes the resolution which gives my monitor a blank screen asking me to change the resolution and frame refresh rate. My Wireless Card is now undetected giving me no internet as well. Card Reader is not detected. Ethernet card is also not detected. No other changes so far.
  9. Inspiron 580 over here! :D

    Mine doesn't seem to have that. And are we fixing the RAM or the default Chameleon loader problem? Also, another problem. Flash seems pretty slow right now. Laggy and chopped.
  10. Inspiron 580 over here! :D

    I've got it installed. Used the retail CD and it went fine. Also had to change my BIOS settings to AHCI. Though, the default Chameleon Loader just tries to run the system (Currently Snow Leopard) but suddenly turns off my computer. I tried loading the OS from that ModCD and it went fine. Ah, sorry for the trouble, but how do I start finding Kexts? If I even need any more? And how will I upgrade to Lion from here? UPDATE: I have 6GB of RAM, but only 2GB are shown in "About this Mac". Looking for more problems if any now. Can't change my resolution as well.
  11. Inspiron 580 over here! :D

    Seemed to do nothing. Same error. D:
  12. Inspiron 580 over here! :D

    Tried booting iAtkos S3 and Hazard if that matters. Does it HAVE to be the retail disk? So far, both just get stuck at some point. http://www.anony.ws/i/GLES1.jpg http://www.anony.ws/i/f93sh.jpg
  13. Inspiron 580 over here! :D

    I really appreciate the reply, but...what exactly should I do? Doesn't have to be too detailed. I can figure out the small stuff on my own, but I boot up that ModCD then somehow run Snow Leopard from there? Or what? D:
  14. Well, I guess I'll get straight to the point really. I'm new, came here to hopefully get myself Mac OSX running on my computer. Got an Inspiron 580 with the following specifications: Would I be able to do it? If so, are there any current tutorials on how?